Friday, 16 February 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 11 February long run report [Dave]:
The speedygeese were in usual form this morning, with Sandeep setting a new benchmark, getting lost before the run started. Unfortunately he didn’t know there were two Kaleen shopping centres. 😂 He still arrived before Narelle, who missed out on the group photo and almost missed the opening ceremony.
The celebrity for the opening ceremony was Shane’s best friend Scully, who was so excited to see everyone, with tail wagging (but not as psycho as at parkrun). Scully wasted no time getting festivities underway, opening the days activities by squatting in the middle of the group and proudly emptying his bowels (thanks for cleaning it up Shane). 😱 💩
Ruth had created a very pleasant course on nice trails through O’Connor Ridge for the short run and Bruce Ridge for the long run. With perfect weather, a good time was had by all.
Welcome to first-timers Brett, Nadine and Jess. 😊
It’s hard to say whether anyone got lost, especially seeing as I was near the back (after yesterday's intense runs), but there were rumours of various people turning up in strange places and crossing paths, as well as a large group running the wrong way around one of the ridges. Nevertheless, most seemed happy with their run.
Ewen, Shane, Scully, Jennifer, Brett, Nadine, Sue and Jess did around 18km. Giles ran from home and ended up with 25k. Narelle, Ruth and Lisa did 23k and Sandeep and James did around 21k. Graeme finished with about 20k.
Dave B, Susan, Margaret, Bron, Janene, Helen, Carolyne and I did the short version (about 13k, although I added a couple of km by heading for the wrong shops – at least Sandeep had an excuse as he hadn’t already been there 😂).
It wasn’t without incident, with Carolyne and Ruth taking a dive (standard procedure for Carolyne unfortunately). Plus Bron had issues with a very leaky bladder (photos omitted due to rating).
Next week some of us are doing Jimmy’s sprint marathon relay. For those who aren’t, Narelle has already created the routes.
See you next week. 🤓

Monday 12 February at Parliament House: Highlights included 3 year old Maya in a stroller being wheeled around the course by her mum with the assistance of 2 or 3 others up the steepest hill. We ran court 8 450m loops, 8 in total including the familiarisation jog at the start. Participating were Brownie, Ruth, Miranda, Bernado, Thomas, Warrick, Craig, Ewen, Jen, and Susan with Maya, while I supervised and Christopher walked in and out of sight.

Thursday 15 February at Stromlo Forest Park: Brownie, Isaac, Colin, Susan and Jen ran 3 x 1k with a 1k jog (and hydration) in between. I watched before limping home with an Achilles tendon which seems to be worsening. Thach enjoyed drills with Ryan and Emily. And many other runners were enjoying the short grass and cooling evening.

Sunday's run.


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