Friday, 2 February 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 28 January long run report [Dave]:
Might have been a record crowd this morning with over 20 geese eager to sweat in one of our most humid runs yet. Welcome to newcomers Amy, Jenny and Jennifer and to those who came back including Judith, Helen and James.
This morning’s run, thanks to Thach, took in the scenic trails of Coolemon Ridge as well as a lap around McQuoids Hill. The short course (11k) was enjoyed by Isaac, Mhairi, Jenny, Jennifer, Ewen and Isaac. Isaac managed to stop for a quick pat of Tilly as we ran past Jen’s back yard. 🙂
I did the 11k then added 6k rounding up stragglers and strugglers (including myself). Carolyn pulled out after doing her knee in. 😥 Other than that there were no falls or injuries, although Mhairi left early, not feeling to well in the humidity. Luckily there were no nasty surprises in the long grass.
The stalwarts did the long course (20k), including Thach, Fiona, James, Shuji, Jinny, Sandeep, Jen, Giles, Adrian, Narelle, Martin and William. William then Martin were first to finish, followed closely by Narelle. Amy managed to stick with tradition (on her first run) and got lost. Definitely potential there. 😂
Thach did an excellent job running back and forth checking and rounding people up and was suitably rewarded by his win on the McQuoids Hill time trial (in William’s words).
Breakfast and coffee was enjoyed at The Meating Room.
Well that’s all for today folks – see you next week. 🤓

Monday 29 January at Parliament House: The high temperature didn’t deter 20 of us turning up at Parliament House for a Monday session. We ran from “tennis court 8” a relay of 3-person teams for 17 minutes, then one of 2-person teams for 8 minutes. Participating were Nadine, Kelley, Kym, Jack, Andrew, Jen, Giles. Colin, Ben, Ewen, Ruth, Vanessa, Jennie, Warrick, Rae, Isaac and Bernado, with me supervising, Mick (reportedly) running and Christopher walking nearby.

Thursday 01 February at Stromlo Forest Park: Thach entertained eight goslings with drills, shuttle relays, and a longer run to finish off, while I looked after the (mostly) oldies. Thach's group consisted of Maya, Dan, Jack, Callum, Gus, and Ryan plus 2 of his friends whose names I didn't catch. Also Kobe and his dad Andrew did their own thing, while a third Simpson child sat in the shade and read. My group's main session was 3 x 1k with a 1k jog, and participating were Annie (new), Jennie, Celina, Jacob, Chloe, Isaac, Jen, Andrew, Sara-Jayne, Ryan and Janene. We also saw Gregg on a bike, Jason on a bike, and even on her way to racing up the mountain, Helen on a bike.

Meanwhile Jinny was playing with the kangaroos.

Twilight Golf at Federal Golf Club - even more kangaroos there than at Stromlo!


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