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Speedygeese training summary

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Thursday 3 August: At Parliament House, it was a wash-out after a cold windy rain-swept day. Just Dave and Jen turned up after I bailed; they day lap after lap after lap in the sheltered underground car-park. Footnote: Isaac and Giles were there too!

On Sunday 6 August I ran with John Kennedy at Stromlo Forest Park.

The distance group reports: [Dave]: With an icy breeze eating its way across the open rolling hills of the arboretum, the morning sun climbed slowly over Lake Burley Griffin and poked its face between the grey and orange hues of aimlessly drifting cumulo nimbus, offering a false hope of a pleasant speedygeese long run. Shiree, Jen, Sarah and I clambered into Shiree’s car, with the heater at gale force, and headed to the run start rendezvous at Mount Arawang.
16 of us headed off straight up Mount Arawang, following the last 26k of the second leg of the Sri Chinmoy ultra relay (700+ metres of elevation), then along Cooleman Ridge to Narrabundah Hill, up to the top of Mount Stromlo, down to Molonglo River then over to the arboretum.
Giles topped the Sunday morning leaderboard with 32k, Ross did 30k, and Shiree 29, while Jeff, Mhairi, Pieta, Sarah, Elle and I finished with about 28, and Jen and Bron knocked over 27k. Warrick, Thach, Lisa and Bronwyn did an out and back from the start with 13k for Bronwyn, 16 for Warrick and Lisa, and about 20 for Thach. Ewen did an out and back from the other end, meeting us at Stromlo and ending up with 18k. Isaac was picked up along the way after completing 9k.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the run, despite the icy wind, although I struggled this morning – felt like an old man for some reason 🤣. Notable incidents included not getting lost (admittedly a few detours, but not technically lost), no injuries for Giles, and no coffee for Jen for at least 20 minutes after the run (and I believe she threw out the first one even though she was desperate – glad I’m not a barista in Jen’s presence 😂 ).
A small group headed down to Tuggeranong Hyperdome for coffee afterwards. Thanks for the run everyone and thanks to Ewen, Jen and Mhairi for the extra pics. Good luck to all those doing the City to Surf next week. 😀

Finally on Monday 7 August at Parliament House, a cold and wet day deterred many, but conditions were good at 5:30pm for our 20 hill sprints over 100m, 12 of them on 90 seconds then straight into the final 8 on 80 seconds. I supervised and jogged around, while Paul, Warrick, Bronwyn, Rae and Ruth did the training.

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