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speedygeese training summary

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Thursday 13 July: Just six turned up: Susan (warmup), Dave (left early), Jen (left early), Brendan, Jennie and me. I actually ran the whole session ahead of the others, the first time for ever so long I have "won" a session. It was an interval session consisting of {400 jog, 400, 200 jog, 200, 200 jog, 200} x 3.

On Sunday 16 July the distance group (Dave) reports: It was a cool start for the speedygeese long run at Googong this morning. Minus five degrees for my 6.45am warmup (and I forgot my beanie 😬). After a 7k jog down to the dam and around to the other side of the lake and back up the hill, I returned with frozen ears to meet up with a massive crowd at the boatramp for a 20k scenic trail, courtesy of Narelle. With a slight breeze, it was jacket or long sleeves weather, although the return trip was much warmer (well above freezing point). Thanks also to Narelle for the Googong rent-a-crowd that swelled our numbers, helping to put speedygeese “on the map”, as it were. It was great to see so many Googong locals joining in.
No dramas or injuries this time, although Jen was 5 minutes late (took over my role from last week) and therefore lost a coffee bet. ☕
Some good times this morning (running times, that is – we always have other good times), including four ending up in the top ten for the 9.7k Strava segment “Googong foreshores to tin hut dam” (although that’s probably not so hard when only nine people have run it 😂). But seriously, there was some very good effort put in on quite a hilly course.
Jen and Isaac turned near the 7k mark to complete around 14k, Warrick, Peter and Sandeep did 16k, Graeme and Sammy finished with 18k and Narelle, Mhairi and Thach completed the full 20k. I ended up being tail runner with 27k and 760metres elevation (which was double the planned elevation - I wondered why I was so slow at the end). Shiree, having completed the 20k course, sacrificed her coffee and continued on to get 26k.
As per normal protocol, Graeme, Narelle, Sammy, some locals and I retired for a quick coffee and food at the Yellow Belly Café. Thanks everyone. A successful run all round and, most amazingly, no one got lost. That’s a first!!
💪 🏃♂️ 🏃♀️ ⛰️

See Dave's Sunday's run at

Monday 17 July at Parliament House: there was no no breeze so we ran continuous relays at the lower flags. I supervised, and running in teams of three then teams of two were Bron, Bronwyn, Colin, Dave, Isaac, Jen, Jennie, Paul, Pieta, Rae, Sandeep and Warrick.


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