Wednesday, 28 September 2016

speedygeese training

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On Thursday 22 September at Parliament House, for our Rose Garden 200s session, running 12 on 2:30 were Andrew, Colin, Damian, Jen, Peter; 11 on 2:45 me, Sandeep. No-one on 3:00 this week. And jogging around was Dave.

On Monday 26 September again at Parliament house, attending were Andy, Brooke (new), Celina (new), Chloe (new), Christopher, Damian, Dave, Ewen, Isaac, Jacob (new), Jen, Joel, Nicole, Pieta, Rae, Ruth. These participated in zigzag relays (x3 seeded by height, then x 2 seeded random) and Jen and I supervised. And a good job she did too.

My 30 day abs+ challenge has reached day 12 - when I completed
55 sit-ups
11 pushups
65 crunches
65 squats
33 leg raises, and
42 second plank. Only 18 days to go. The hardest exercises at this stage are the sit-ups.


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