Friday, 22 July 2016

Thursday training moving to Parliament House

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It's a farewell to Dickson Oval after 25 (?) years of training there. I have decided to move Thursday training to Parliament House, permanently.

My reasons for moving - well Dickson was always intended to be off-season training for track runners, but we haven't got as many track runners in the group any more. Plus the Parliament House venue is almost as good for track focused training anyway.

And security is good at Parliament House. Not that Dickson has been too much of a problem, we have only had about three incidents of theft there over the years. But the risk is always there.

Dickson track quality is often not great. The grass is really greener at Parliament House!

Dickson track availability during school holidays, during scheduled maintenance, and when it rains, is a big issue. No such problem at Parliament House, where training is never cancelled.

Getting to Parliament House is much easier than getting to Dickson given the traffic congestion, which is going to get much worse with Northbourne avenue road works for example and the growing Canberra population.

Parliament House is more central - south-siders who haven't been able to get to Dickson will find it easier to get to Parliament house. We should be able to build up numbers there.

People have asked me if we will be doing anything different on Thursdays compared with Mondays. Yes we will. Monday and Thursday sessions will be different from each other - for example longer intervals will be the go on Thursdays.

See you there on the 28th!


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