Wednesday, 13 April 2016

speedygeese training

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On Thursday at Dickson Gabe + Maria + me were there early to trot around the track; The main session saw Colin + Peter B2 come and run 6 x 650 each; others in the vicinity were Dr. Dick Telford with a rather large elite group; Gerard Ryan with a diverse group including Melissa Clark and Rachelle E-B.

Sunday of course was the running festival and people were running or watching the marathon;

On Monday at Parliament House Ewen and I ran 5-6k early; then for the main session we ran relays near the Rose Garden with Brendan (new), Terri (visitor), Jen, Dave, Warrick, Thomas, Pieta, Diana, Alex, Mick, Andrew and I participating in a 25 minute session. Afterwards we went to the Yacht Club for a meal; Ruth, Dave, Caroline, Diana, Alex, Mick, Warrick, Thomas. Jen, Richard and me all there.

Parliament house loos are not the best places one can get changed in before going out for the evening...


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