Tuesday, 29 December 2015

speedygeese race results

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 with 2 comments
Saturday 12 December T3X Novice triathlon
18 Bron Sparkes 39:58
71 finishers

Saturday 12 December Canberra Summer Marathon
6 Peter Thomson 3:34:32
17 Roger Pilkington 4:36:05
23 finishers

Saturday 26 December 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #191
9 Jen Bright 19:54 W40
12 Isaac Muscat 20:17 M11 **New PB**
38 Thea Zimpel 25:58 W30
97 finishers

Saturday 26 December 5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #148
7 David Clarke 20:03 M55
9 Kevin Johnston 20:16 M55
15 Peter Thomson 20:50 M55
19 Sandra Stockman 21:31 W50
23 Bronwyn Calver 22:33 W45
29 Pieta Smith 23:37 W40
164 finishers

Saturday 26 December 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #114
33 Janene Kingston 23:00 W50
130 finishers

Sunday 27 December San Diego Holiday Half Marathon
644 Warrick Howieson 1:49.37
2570 finishers
"Ran in the holiday half today, a half marathon from (some small shopping center in S.D.) to the Beach fairly small event, about 2000 people I would guess.
"Had to pick up my number the day before at "road runner sports" a local runners shop. Got my number, a T-shirt and a bunch of other stuff in a bag, including gloves and a space blanket.
"Big running shop, but I didn't have time to browse.
"Race start was 7:30 on Sunday. There was a drone flying over the start, taking video.
"Ran well for the first few km... I was happy leaving everything in km and just ignoring the mile signs. I sat just behind the 1:50 pacers thinking I would just see how it all went.
"The first 4km or so we're on the road, then we switched to a bike path.
"Note to self. Double knot shoelaces. Had to stop. It was about 10 km when I caught the 1:50 group again, I was feeling good, so I passed them and kept on down the road
"Tried some jelly belly sport beans this time ( picked them up in the factory earlier in the trip)
"They seemed to sit well so I'll try them for the marathon (is it permitted to puke in the princesses palace at Disney?)
"Ran past a golf course and some horse stables (could smell them coming)
"About 2 km to go there was a turn off the bike path to soak up an extra 200 meters or so, I actually thought I was further ahead of the 1:50 group. So I decided to hot foot it too the finish
"Finished in 1:48:5? But felt good. The medal was huge...
"Small finish area, but we'll stocked with water fruit and other freebies
"Overall a beautiful cool morning and a nice hit out for the Disney full in 2 weeks"


  1. Thanks Warrick. Well done! And good luck for Disneyland - looking forward to seeing your fancy dress outfit ;-)

  2. Hmm Fancy Dress... Not sure if I do that... Any suggestions? That do NOT involve a skirt!