Saturday, 15 August 2015

We can go on meeting like this

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Minnamurra rainforest is a great place to walk. It's on the way to Jamberoo where a whole lot of my grandchildren live; it's on the way to Kiama where Miranda likes to live away from Canberra; and it's on the way to the Shellharbour parkrun at Shell Cove where we must go as a group sometime as soon as my two-month-so-far-winter-cold has cleared up. The last time I stayed in Kiama with the intention of running Shellharbor, the parkrun was cancelled due to a deluge washing part of the course away. The course is now repaired and the parkrun is up and running again. I had run Shellharbour parkrun once before and it is a great course for a training run.

The rainforest

Miranda at the Minnamurra rainforest with Suzie who now lives in Darwin.


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