Wednesday, 8 July 2015

speedygeese Monday training

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Every Monday the speedygeese training group meets at Parliament House at 5:30pm for - half an hour warmup, half an hour of intervals (currently hills), and a short cooldown.

Monday 29th June I was away, and a small keen group consisting of Colin, Jen, Isaac, Dan, Susan and Ewen (I think) ran some 200m, 400m and 600m intervals.

Then on Monday 6th July, I was back and ran 7k early, after which the group ran on the far SW hill a set of 22 x 100m sprints up the hill, om 80 seconds.
We focused on leg speed - 180 to 200 steps per minute for each uphill interval.
I ran some of the hill intervals. An easier session than usual as the hill is not the steepest we use.
Training with me were Alex, Andrew, Andy, Diana, Lorena, Pieta, Rae, Ruth, Susan, Vanessa and Warrick.
We learned why the name "Warrick" is spelt that way - he was born in the US and his parents didn't want the locals to mispronounce his name.

Don't forget we train at Dickson oval under lights every Thursday at 5:30pm too; and at Stromlo Forest Park Sundays at 7:30am (Brrrrrrr. Rug up).

We will be practicing running fast.

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  1. Yes - I ran the early warm-up only. Cold and calm!