Friday, 24 October 2014

Who is training

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On Saturday at Acton Ferry Terminal, Tomoko joined us for the first time for a long time and ran 11k; Miranda, Andy & I completed 16k, the best I have felt this year in a run that long.

On Sunday I was otherwise occupied and we did not meet at Stromlo Forest Park. I will be going there this Sunday though.

Monday I ran early, then I was joined by Andy, Bron, Garry, Isaac, Jen, Mick & Warrick for 6 x ~450m loop, including a sharp hill, and exercises, repeated every 5 minutes.

This coming Monday we will be kicking on at the Southern Cross Club/Yacht Club after our training session for one of our occasional social get-togethers and meals.

As well as running training I have been building up the intensity of my gym work and can report that my heart rate considerably exceeds 220 - 66 at the peak of these sessions.

And while this week's 3000m race was quicker all round than last week's, both weeks my heart rate was a consistent steady 160 bpm from the 500m mark to the end.
  • Last week - splits 4:30, 4:36, 4:39 = 13:45
  • This week - splits 4:22, 4:28, 4:30 = 13:20
Now I know that's not fast but with a heart rate of 160 and breathing quite hard, it's fast enough. And progress is progress.

See you at the Southern Cross Club if not before

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  1. Nice race Geoff. 4:30 ks sounds fast to me!