Thursday, 24 July 2014

Glasgow memories from 4 June this year

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See where we went! With the Commonwealth Games starting today, and the women's and men's triathlons kicking off the viewing (or failing that, the listening) to which I am looking forward, my thoughts go back to the wonderful day we had in Glasgow on 4 June. We were staying in Larbert right next to the railway station and we took a train to Glasgow where we walked around for much of the day. There was quite a lot of work being done to prepare for the Games, particularly along the river. This is a SMALL selection of the photos I took that day.

Construction for the Games in progress

A well dressed personal trainer (forergound) and her group at lunch time

This tunnel is actually quite a long over-pass crossing the main highway near the stadium. Note the separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists.


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