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I frequently forget things. I put it down to having lots on my mind at once. Or having reached memory capacity limits and having to ditch certain memories to make room for new ones. And in my dreams at night I cannot find my parked car, or I lose the way when driving, or I cannot find my running shoes in time for a race. OK I am aware that this is all very normal. But I am also aware that every recent ancestor on my father's side of the family who lived long enough ended up with dementia. So I think a check is in order.

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What’s normal forgetfulness...?
? Forgetting what you went upstairs for. yes I do that
? Taking several minutes to recall where you left the car. or moments anyway
? Putting things down and being unable to find them soon after. often
? Forgetting something trivial a friend mentioned to you the day before. indeed
? Forgetting the name of someone you’ve just met. almost always. Takes ~3 meetings.
? Briefly forgetting the name for something –the ‘thingumabob’ moment. frequently, to my embarrassment, often halfway through a sentence

Our short-term memory is very distractible. The brain literally erases trivial information to make room for more important information that needs storing. That's what I thought.

And what’s cause for concern...?
? Multi-tasking becomes difficult – an able cook suddenly finds preparing a Sunday roast overwhelming. no such type of problem
? Problems negotiating familiar places, such as regularly not being able to find your car. it's rare, not regular
? Forgetting the names of close friends and relatives. doesn't happen. The birthdates of 13 grandchildren are a challenge though.
? Problems recognising faces, colours, shapes and words. never
? Repeating a question asked half an hour previously. only occasionally but always on purpose!

Many of these symptoms could be attributed to depression, grief, stress or lack of sleep. But they could be early signs of dementia. looks like I'm OK then

So it all checks out OK, but maybe I should give this list to an offspring for an assessment, say in 20 years time? If I can remember to.


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