Wednesday, 16 October 2013


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"Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia" - the fear of long words. I try to keep the words in my blog short and simple.

Speaking of long words, I saw this today at
"Talking Yourself out of Exhaustion: The Effects of Self-Talk on Endurance Performance".
I think all athletes know that self talk enhances performance.
"The findings support the psychobiological model of endurance performance and illustrate that psychobiological interventions designed to specifically target favorable changes in perception of effort are beneficial to endurance performance." I am not sure there is such a word as "psychobiological". Or "Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia" for that matter. What do you think?!

While I was away
The Parliament House training group met on Monday 7th but as it was also a holiday, four people came. Without my gentle suggestions of what session to do, they went for a run around the lake. There was Ruth, Rae, Andy & Peter.

This Monday I returned
And arrived at 5:30pm to find that Ruth & Jen had been for an early run. Then we did our warm-up and ran our loop x 15 of 100m uphill and 240m recovery on 2 minutes: Jen, Warrick, Cookie, Bronwyn, Craig, Ruth & me doing all 15 and Andy doing a few at the start.

I am planning to do an easy half marathon on Saturday, we will see. Regardless, this coming Sunday I resume at Stromlo at 7:00am.

Then next Monday
Parliament House training sessions continue at 5:30pm unless and until such time as we have to pay for parking, which might be from 1 July 2014, that's the threat. If paid parking does come in, maybe from 5:30pm it will be free?

Who remembers...
Australian Ralph Doubell's World Record in the 800m at the Mexico Olympics? I do. It was 45 years ago.



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