Tuesday, 22 January 2013

a song and dance of ice and fire

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Speedygeese training- 22 attendees.
With these numbers we can continue doing relays. It stayed well over 30 degrees for last night's training, so warm that no-one was hanging around in the open to chat afterwards, Down on the lower flagpoles, a smaller area than usual because of construction going on for Australia Day celebrations this Saturday, we ran three person relays, in some cases two runners sharing one spot to give themselves more of a break. There was some shade and some breeze down there, which helped. Participating were Cookie, Andrew N, Andrew S, Andy, Bronwyn, Cathy (early run), Clint (new), Colin, Eliza, Ewen, Garry, me, Jamie (new), Jen, Lucia, Mick, Rae, Ruth, Sarah, Sophie (new), Tim, & Verena.

This Sunday the Vets Handicap is on, but we will still have SFP training. The plan is to run a series of down-hill kilometres. I have changed the start time - again - this time to 7:30am.  One reason for the "clash" is that I am not ready to race that hard (yet?), another reason is that many of us do run the Vets handicap but not all of us, and another reason is I like to get into town for church by 9:30am or 10am. And Stromlo Forest Park is the best training venue, although it is a bit out of the way for many.

Results 18 January Customs 5k
Bronwyn 26:24
Cookie 28:02

Saturday 19 January Parkrun

 David, Derek




  1. Did Cookie say anything about how hard last night was? She was struggling to get into position the last 10 minutes. Sophie was doing it easy though.

    Stromlo for me - would rather run on the grass - and downhill - wheee!

    1. Cookie had no complaints - would she dare? While Bronwyn, Ruth & others thought the cool-down was the hardest part.
      That must have been because the temperature had not dropped at all by 6:30pm.