Thursday, 13 December 2012

Minoan recreation

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, December 13, 2012 with 2 comments
Track tonight
6:00pm 3000m (P)
6:20pm 200m hurdles
6:30pm 1000m/5000m walk
7:00pm 60m
7:15pm 800m
7:30pm 200m (D)
7:50pm 4 x 200m relay

8:05pm Spiral 7

I will be there but not running - on duty.

Rest day
I have been watching the BBC DVD series "How Earth Made Us" with Dr Iain Stewart. In it he tells us that the Minoans invented the day off. But then, unable to spend their time watching television, because they hadn't got around to inventing it yet, they built an arena and invented the exciting sport of bull-somersaulting. This involved jumping over the top of charging bulls using their horns as a springboard. Iain Stewart asked "How do you practise that?" A good question the answer to which I am not in a hurry to discover.

This entertainment, vaulting steers, would have been a precursor to Roman gladiatorial contests ("We who are about to die salute you"), Spanish Bull Fighting, and the Greek Olympics. Not to mention English cricket, Australian Beach volleyball, Canadian Ice Hockey, and American grid-iron.

Watching sport is a great way to spend a day off. Competing in sport on days off, though, is hardly resting. The moral to this little story - if you are competing in sports on week-ends, make sure that another day in the week is the real rest day.

With 2013 approaching, my tentative plan for each week is to run hard for five days, do an hour of gym on two of those days, and on a sixth day just swim, with a seventh day, possibly Wednesday, completely off.

Formulating plans for 2013 is something I will be doing very soon. I have to get fit by October, for the Australian Masters. It will be my first major competition as an M65. It would be nice to find some form again by then.

I would like to have people to talk to while I run. Meeting others each day really helps the motivation. Are you in? We can help each other meet our goals. Tell me yours, I will have told you mine.


  1. Looking at the Track program, I would like to run a track race in 2013!

  2. Five hard days a week? Running hard Sunday, Monday & Tuesday just about killed me.