Tuesday, 18 December 2012

goals 2013

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 with 6 comments
I had a string of goals for 2012 but I am only listing two for 2013

1. Win medals as an M65 competitor in the Australian Masters Games in Geelong in October
2. Complete at least one 5000m race under 20:13 in 2013

Of course, the implications of these goals include a whole range of things to do with sensible training, fitness, health, motivation, consistency, and commitment. Avoiding injury this year, I believe I have the ability to achieve these two goals.

Tour de Ridges results
15k men

24 Andrew Matthews 53 1.36.13
15k women
2 Sarah-Jayne Miller 29 1.15.18
11 Amanda Ruffin 53 1.35.27
15 Jen Bright 37 1.40.19

Customs 5k 14 December
Tim Calver ~25:45
Bronwyn Calver 25:56

Parliament House training
For the final session at Parliament House for 2012, we ran a series of 100m hills sprints, with half the group completing 20 and half being "attritioned" out. Running early were Andrew S, Helen, Roger & I. For the hills, Abi took charge and blew the whistle every 90 seconds for Andrew S, Andy, Craig, Derek, Ewen, Garry, me, Helen, Jen, Lucia, Mick, Sarah & Tony. Parliament House training will go into recess on 24 & 31 December, and resume Monday 6 January.


  1. Great goals SpeedyGeoff, particularly the <20.13 5km. I reckon you can achieve both :) If I don't see you @ LBG on Sat have a great Xmas/New Year.

    1. I think I will be there Saturday at 8:00am again... Whatever, Happy Christmas & happy goal-setting!

  2. Ah, so Sarah is Saran-Jayne. Great time and place. With her speed I'm surprised she didn't win the sprint finish.

  3. Not quite Sarah-Jane Smith of Doctor Who fame, but close. We are privileged to have Sarah training with us! She passed the race leader but #3 got past them both at the end. Only twenty seconds in it!

  4. the Customs times are incorrect as it was a pack run and they've used 37:00 as the time and subtracted everyone's handicaps...my actual time was 25:56 and Tim's was about 25:45...Tim and Al jogged with me except at the end...

    1. Thanks I have amended the times. More notable than the times is the fact that you were both having a run there!