Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Everybody's somebodies.

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Song of the week. I guess I had to get around to highlighting the most popular new song that everybody knows and is covered by everybody. But if you haven't seen this ultimate version before, do so now.
From http://youtu.be/opg4VGvyi3M

Peter Norman was somebody that I used to know. I was 20 when he set the Australian 200m record running second in the Olympics, and when he appalled all the racists by supporting the call for racial equality and justice. If I were in his place at the time I know I would have done the same, regardless of the consequences.

Well done Peter. A true hero. And well done to my local member of Parliament, Andrew Leigh, for organising an official apology for the way Peter was subsequently treated.


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  1. I hadn't seen that. Cool! Barry's my favourite.