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Australian Athletes at the Olympics

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This is the official list and it will be updated, for example steeplechaser Genevieve LaCaze is yet to be added, there may be others.

Profiles of most of the Australian team members can be found at Click on any name there for a full profile of an athlete.

The full list of nominated  athletes:
MEN (34):
800m: Jeff Riseley (Vic)
1500m: Ryan Gregson (NSW), Jeff Riseley (Vic)
5000m: Collis Birmingham (Vic), David McNeill (Vic), Craig Mottram (Vic)
10,000m: Ben St Lawrence (NSW)
Marathon: Martin Dent (ACT), Jeff Hunt (NSW), Michael Shelley (Qld)
3000m steeplechase: Youcef Abdi (NSW)
400m hurdles: Brendan Cole (ACT), Tristan Thomas (Tas)
20km walk: Chris Erickson (Vic), Adam Rutter (NSW), Jared Tallent (Vic)
50km walk: Luke Adams (NSW), Nathan Deakes (Vic), Jared Tallent (Vic)
Long jump: Henry Frayne (Qld), Mitchell Watt (Qld)
Triple jump: Henry Frayne (Qld)
Pole vault: Steven Hooker (WA)
Shot put: Dale Stevenson (Vic)
Discus throw: Benn Harradine (Vic), Scott Martin (Vic), Julian Wruck (Qld)
Javelin: Jarrod Bannister (Vic)
4x100m relay: Anthony Alozie (Vic), Tim Leathart (NSW), Andrew McCabe (Qld), Isaac Ntiamoah (NSW), Josh Ross (Vic)
4x400m relay: Ben Offereins (WA), Joel Milburn (NSW), Steven Solomon (NSW), John Steffensen (NSW)

WOMEN (20):
100m: Melissa Breen (ACT)
1500m: Kaila McKnight (Vic), Zoe Buckman (ACT)
10,000m: Eloise Wellings (NSW)
Marathon: Jessica Trengove (SA), Lisa Weightman (Vic), Benita Willis (Vic)
100m hurdles: Sally Pearson (Qld)
400m hurdles: Lauren Boden (ACT)
20km walk: Regan Lamble (Vic), Beki Lee (NSW), Claire Tallent (SA)
Pole vault: Alana Boyd (WA), Liz Parnov (WA)
Discus throw: Dani Samuels (NSW)
Javelin: Kim Mickle (WA), Kathryn Mitchell (Vic)
4x100m relay: Melissa Breen (ACT), Hayley Butler (NSW), Jessica Knox (NSW), Sally Pearson (Qld), Charlotte Van Veenendaal (Vic)

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  1. You forgot 3000m steeplechase: Genevieve LaCaze (QLD)