Tuesday, 29 May 2012

waits for audience applause, not a sausage

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Results Customs 5k 25 May
Bill Arthur 27:24
Caroline Campbell 28.32.

Bilbys + Geese
A reminder that we are training with the Bilbys at Dickson tonight. 6:00pm start, although I plan to arrive at 5:30pm in case others do.

Song of the week. Thrive by Switchfoot from http://youtu.be/mBm0ELc8eyY

“Feels like I travel but I never arrive
“I want to thrive not just survive”

Deaded by the dreaded lurgi (continued)
"Lurgi" was invented by the GOONS, to whom I used to listen on the radio when I was young. Spike Milligan wrote most of it, and he and Peter Sellers voiced most of the characters. Inspiring crazy stuff.

Nevertheless the dreaded lurgi has hit me big time, along with everyone else in Canberra who is on a running streak! Must have been carried in with last Thursday's foul weather.

So if I don't make Bilbys training tonight you will know that my streak is ended. But I will be there.

More Parkrun photos from Saturday

The start

Marty heading for an Australian Parkun record of 15.15

not-so-speedy self

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  1. I see you were there - 7 lurgi affected kilometres. I think I only have the mild version. Man flu will stop my streak.