Thursday, 31 May 2012


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Speedygeese results Sat 26 May YCRC Campbell Park 6k
18. Kym Chisholm 27:39
22. Caroline Campbell 34:56
24 finishers
I hope to run the YCRC Longstaff 8k this Saturday, but I still plan to do Parkrun first. It all depends on the lurgi, which may be going away now.

Yesterday's 10k training run.

This is a new run from home for me, even though I am coming up to 40 years living in Holt; the run up through Hawker is a pleasant one so I will probably make this a regular Wednesday run.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

there's something in the water

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Our lake is pretty. But it isn't well. Is it only a matter of time before it gets fenced off, out of bounds to everyone bar unwise ducks and swans?

Last night we speedygeese joined the Bilbys training session - or at least Suzie, Susan. Neil, Craig, Kym & I did, six of the sixty current geese. The session consisted of a series of 1k intervals with 200m recovery, then a set of 400m intervals with 100m recovery. Less of a speed session, more a pace/tempo session. It was a good having a large number to train with, there are advantages and disadvantages to large groups. I am seriously missing a few of our regulars, though.

The Bilbys are a triathlon group, they might have to travel far a-lake to get clean water to compete in. We are assured that Lake Ginninderra is crystal pure, ha-ha pull the other one.

Maybe less blue-green algae, but maybe other suspicious pollutants.

I will stick to running.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

waits for audience applause, not a sausage

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Results Customs 5k 25 May
Bill Arthur 27:24
Caroline Campbell 28.32.

Bilbys + Geese
A reminder that we are training with the Bilbys at Dickson tonight. 6:00pm start, although I plan to arrive at 5:30pm in case others do.

Song of the week. Thrive by Switchfoot from

“Feels like I travel but I never arrive
“I want to thrive not just survive”

Deaded by the dreaded lurgi (continued)
"Lurgi" was invented by the GOONS, to whom I used to listen on the radio when I was young. Spike Milligan wrote most of it, and he and Peter Sellers voiced most of the characters. Inspiring crazy stuff.

Nevertheless the dreaded lurgi has hit me big time, along with everyone else in Canberra who is on a running streak! Must have been carried in with last Thursday's foul weather.

So if I don't make Bilbys training tonight you will know that my streak is ended. But I will be there.

More Parkrun photos from Saturday

The start

Marty heading for an Australian Parkun record of 15.15

not-so-speedy self

Monday, 28 May 2012

150th day of the running streak

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Runners at Parkrun on Saturday





Today when I run in the afternoon sun that will make 150 days straight.

Monday used to be my favourite day of the week because it was the day we ran at Parliament House and I connected with all my friends. Now Monday is my favourite day because it is my recovery day, and I can relax after a hectic weekend.

Race results
27/05/12 - speedygeese at West Stromlo 7.5k
3 Craig Davis M40 36:16 64.5% **silver**
5 Nadine Morrison W40 35:28 71.9
6 Maria O'Reilly W55 34:53 86.2
9 Amanda Ruffin W50 37:39 76.5
13 Rod Lynch M50 31:58 78.0
35 Caroline Campbell W65 46:20 78.7
37 Roger Pilkington M50 37:34 66.8
45 Janene Kingston W45 39:28 67.6
51 Andrew Matthews M50 37:40 66.6
62 Mick Charlton M60 44:29 60.9
85 Margaret McSpadden W65 56:58 58.8
92 finishers

27/05/12 - West Stromlo 4k
10 Brett Morrison M40 22:07 57.1%
33 Jill Pearson W50 22:59 68.1
43 finishers

Sunday, 27 May 2012

the lurgi is going around

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so I managed only a 4k jogette today At least it was in the early afternoon sun.

Video from yesterday's Parkrun. Jill charges through us at the start…from  by Ewen who ran.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Remove all doubt

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Today's Ginninderra Parkrun #5
5 Andrew SIMPSON 20:40
9 Geoff MOORE 22:27
11 Lucia PIETROPAOLI 23:14
14 Ewen THOMPSON 24:32
21 Zainab FAROUK 26:43
23 Jill PEARSON 27:22
30 finishers

The future is what counts.
Comparing your abilities causes you to doubt your abilities. Once you start looking around at everybody else you will see people with more talent, more abilities, more knowledge, or more experience. The moment you start comparing yourself with other people, you're going to be filled with self-doubt.

It is dumb to compare yourself with other people. You are unique. Be who you are.

And remembering your past failures causes you to doubt your abilities. You don't want to be replaying your regrets over and over.

If you stay focused on your past mistakes, you can't get on with your present, and there will be question marks about your future. Forget the past.

Instead, focus on the future. Set some realistic short, medium, and long term goals. And go for it!

Friday, 25 May 2012


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Thursday night at Parliament House: steady rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of eight of us.. Ewen & I had an early run of 8k, then I stayed around to accompany Andrew, Andy, Jen, Neil, Susan & Warrick doing a set of 200m runs with a return jog on the relatively dry west side of the House under lights. It was starting to get a bit cold and wet so we shortened the session to 20 minutes. Fortunately the forecast "wild and woolly" windy weather didn't arrive, but we have 22mm of rain in our gauge at home. I expect the winds will arrive today!

One day at a time
Yelena reports a streak of three days! Let's hope she gets out today and makes it four, If I run today it will be my 147th.

Cathy's coat
Ewen took a video of Sunday's half marathon "at the one mile mark". From

Thursday, 24 May 2012

going all the way

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I know a couple of Canberra runners [Lucia, Susan] doing the New York Marathon this year. Now if I were in this crowd of runners in a marathon there  is no way I could stop, is there? I would definitely be going all the way. What a buzz!

Keep your eye on the prize! 

Someone who is going all the way, as far as being fit healthy and happy as the years progress, is Ruth Baussmann, 62 years old today. Happy Birthday Ruth!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

keeping it simple

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Kym running the Half Marathon

Last night's training at Dickson - Kym & I ran early, then Cathy, Colin, Craig, Mick, Neil, Susan, & Suzie ran a set of 12 x 200m. I was checking form & everyone looked pretty good. Interesting that three of the attendees ran their half marathon pbs only last Sunday. Just goes to show the advantage of regular and consistent attendance at training.

Next Tuesday at Dickson there will be a change to the routine, next week only. We will meet at 6pm and join the Bilbys training session. I won't run early at 4:00pm, but I will get there at 5:30pm in case some of us arrive at the normal time.

Keeping it simple means keeping the main things the main things. Work on core strength to retain good form over the years; keep running consistently, show up at training whatever the weather; set a racing goal so as to have a focus. It's not difficult. But it takes commitment and perseverance.

Some things are not the main thing.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

time means nothing...

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Speedygeese Results 
17 May ABS 7.3k Fun Run
206 Neil Boden 38.07
578 finishers under 70 mins

18 May Customs 5k handicap
Kym Chisholm 22.27

20 May High Noon 800m 
Joel Pearson 2:12.21

No I was not tempted to stop and do chin-ups at that point of the race.

Song of the week. "After Hours", by We Are Scientists. From

“Time Means Nothing”. A video clip with a happy ending, forsooth! Somewhat violent, but.

I have already entered the Melbourne Half Marathon in anticipation of organising a visit there in October. Time means everything! I said on the entry form I expect to run 1:29. Now I will have no excuse to slacken off in Canberra's winter. However much cold weather looms.

Back to 100k per week with no easing off until October. Back too to the gym twice a week. I should add that three times a week I have been doing 2 x pull-ups + 4 x chin-ups. In June this will increase. Slow and steady will win THIS race.

Monday, 21 May 2012


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From harmony, from heavenly harmony
This universal frame began.
When Nature underneath a heap
Of jarring atoms lay,
And could not heave her head,
The tuneful voice was heard from high:
"Arise, ye more than dead!"
Then cold and hot and moist and dry
In order to their stations leap,
And Music's power obey
From harmony, from heavenly harmony
This universal frame began;
From harmony to harmony
Through all the compass of the notes it ran,
The diapason closing full in Man
-John Dryden, A Song For St. Cecilia's Day

Speedygeese in the YMCA Of Canberra Half Marathon
65 GEOFF MOORE M60 1:34:44
78 KYM CHISHOLM 1:37:02
90 CRAIG DAVIS M40 1:39:00
109 CATHY NEWMAN F50 1:43:14
113 WARRICK HOWIESON M40 1:45:19
119 SUZIE GYE 1:45:29
188 SUSAN STURGEON 1:57:29
235 LINCOLN HAWKINS M50 2:03:53
246 RUTH BAUSSMANN F60 2:06:04
250 WILLIAM ARTHUR M60 2:07:50
330 finishers

Coming up: There will be an AGM of the ACTVAC club this Wednesday, good idea to go, the more of us the better, to dilute any silliness. which is bound to emerge.
Also the Vets handicap next Sunday, I said I'd be there but it is not a favourite course so we will see what the day brings. And how I feel after Saturday's Parkrun 5k. [edit: I won't be able to make the Vets handicap after all]

Sunday, 20 May 2012


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Meanwhile back home I ran a slow-ish half marathon this morning, just scraping under 95 minutes I think. But it was a pleasing return to racing, 5 weeks after the 50k, and it was 3 minutes faster than the last half I ran, back in October in the Australian Masters Games [No, the last half I ran was Weston Creek in March. 1:32.38]. I should be in for a good 18 months if I don't run any more ultras!

Craig & Suzie ran pbs in the half, good runs too from Kym, Lucia, Cathy, Warrick, Susan, Caroline, Ruth. Results will be up soon.

Ewen ran 22:21 in the half marathon eve 5k, later in the day (yesterday) when this picture was taken. Minus 5 was a tad chilly start to the day!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

There are two kinds of people. Those who run, and those who should.

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Speedygeese results Ginninderra Parkrun #4 - 19/05/2012
31 Jennifer IRVING 26:32
32 Jill PEARSON 26:48
38 Rik SUTHERLAND 28:02
39 Zainab FAROUK 28:03
40 Geoff MOORE 28:03
62 finishers

Today at Lake G for Parkrun

Jill, Zainab, Rik & me.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

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Yelena at the Vets April Handicap

Wednesdays. Where do Wednesdays go? I am missing Wednesday this week and it's Friday already. Last night at Parliament House Cathy, Ewen & I ran 8k early. The main session of sets of Rose Garden 200ms was attended by Cookie, Andrew, Bronwyn, Colin, me, Jen, Joel, Judi (new), Ruth, Sam (returning), Susan, Warrick & Yelena. I still haven't quite got used to the idea that Parliament House happens on Thursdays. Not to worry, we plan a return to Mondays at Parliament House come October.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


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"Dear friend patron of song, sprung from the race of kings;
"Thy name ever a grace and a protection brings ...
"My name, if to the lyre haply you chance to wed,
"Pride would high as the stars lift my exalted head."
– Horace.

Jeff Hunt & Martin Dent added to Olympic Team

"Hunt and Dent will join Michael Shelley who will combine together forming a strong treble to represent the green and gold.
"The selection marks a reversal in the selection policy from AA, who had previously held the line that Australian marathoners must break the 2:12 mark in order to qualify."

Read on at this link.

The Australian mountain running team for the World Mountain Running Championships in Italy on 2 September (see
Senior men: Jordan Harries (TAS), Mark Bourne (ACT), Nick Wightman (VIC), Robin Whitely (NSW), Gerard Robb (VIC), John Winsbury (ACT). Reserve: Daniel Green (ACT).
Senior women: Jessamy Hosking (ACT), Melissa Clarke (ACT), Vanessa Haverd (ACT), Elizabeth Humphries (ACT). Reserve: Louise Sharp (ACT).
Junior men: Robbie Hunt (TAS).
Junior women: Jade Dowling (QLD), Audrey Amiya-Hall (NSW).
Managers: Tim Crosbie (VIC), David Osmond (ACT).

The Australian mountain running team for the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships at the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland on 8 September for women and 9 September for men (see
Men: John Winsbury (ACT), Andrew Tuckey (NSW), Gerard Robb (VIC), Daniel Green (ACT).
Women: Angela Bateup (ACT), Vanessa Haverd (ACT), Louise Sharp (ACT).
Manager: Melissa Clarke (ACT).

Race result 11 May Customs 5k: Andrew 20:00, Caroline 28:54

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

tweets of the day

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  • "Canberra runner Rob Ginnivan running a half marathon on a treadmill in a hot air balloon above the ACT for Heart Foundation this morning"
  • "Here’s 2 great reasons all our marathoners should be selected for the London Olympics" (inside athletics).
  • "We're gearing up for Ginninderra parkrun #4 this weekend. Who's going to take on Marty Dent's new course record?!"

  • I do plan to be at Parkrun, this week and every Saturday. Reminder - you MUST register in advance and you must bring along your bar-code! One of the four of us last week hadn't done so and is not in the results.

    Last night's speedygeese dinner: Alison, Cookie, Andy, Bronwyn, Cathy & Graham, Christopher, Colin, Garry, Helen, Janene, Joel & Yelena, Kym, Maria, Neil, Warrick & Vanessa, Jenny & I were there. Lovely Thai food at the Lemon Grass restaurant. But it's back to Dickson next Tuesday!

    Tuesday, 15 May 2012

    cold snap

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    Welcome back Ruth & Friends from WA. Here's a newspaper cutting courtesy of CJ.

    With minus 3 here this morning - even lower if you believe some reports - it is unsurprising to see other centres are experiencing the cold too. Here is a photo taken yesterday in southern WA - not all that far from where Ruth & David were - where hail stones the size of golf balls hit at 2pm Sunday.

    I ran early this morning with Craig and we didn't really feel the cold, rugged up as we were. There were several groups of runners around LBG this morning, including the Half Marathon training group, no doubt experiencing conditions which will be repeated this Sunday morning at 8:00am for the race itself.

    I still haven't missed a day this year but I have been feeling tired so I have been cutting back the distance of some of my runs. Today I felt that things are improving, so in another week or so - if I don't run too fast in the half marathon - everything should be back to (20:12 for 5000m) normal.

    Lemon Grass: There will be 22 people at the speedygeese dinner tonight.

    Song of the week - Silenced by the Night, by Keane .

    Monday, 14 May 2012

    new template

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    Coming Events Week 20 of 2012
    Tuesday 15 May *speedygeese dinner (no training)
    Wednesday 16 May 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k Woden
    Thursday 17 May 12:30pm ABS Fun Run
    Thursday 17 May 4:30pm *Parliament House early run
    Thursday 17 May 5:30pm *Parliament House speedygeese training
    Friday 18 May 12:15pm Customs 5k Commonwealth Park
    Saturday 19 May 8:00am *Parkrun 5k, John Knight Park
    Saturday 19 May 1:00pm YCRC Half Marathon Eve 5k
    Sunday 20 May 8:00am *YCRC Half Marathon
    Sunday 20 May 12:00 High Noon Meet
    * = I expect to attend
    I have put the "coming events" information on the side column. It is more visible there. Actually, I think I will amuse myself by installing a brand new template design. If at all possible. Time for a change! So should this blog look odd today (or later) it will be only temporarily.

    Our cat (this isn't she) has taken to assisting my wife whenever she is using her laptop...

    Sunday, 13 May 2012

    wet feet

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    Ewen's video of the Mill Creek cross country races yesterday. From

    Saturday, 12 May 2012


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    Training last Thursday at Parliament House: Andrew, Caroline, Cathy, Ewen & I ran early. For the main session Andy, Bronwyn, Craig, Garry, Jen & Neil joined us for eight intervals around a "square" marked out on the grass down towards old Parliament House. After each interval we jogged to the next corner of the square and waited for the 3 minute mark. I got a bit tired and didn't do the cool-down run; I had been jogging since 3:00pm.

    Speedygeese at Parkrun #3 this morning.
    18 Geoff Moore 22:57
    20 Ewen Thompson 23:32
    27 Amanda Ruffin
    32 Susan Sturgeon 26:43
    We ran around the lake afterwards and the we exercised on various bits of equipment at John Knight Park. The park has been considerably upgraded since I was there last. There are many people walking/jogging/riding around the lake and many options for courses to run on nearby. Many of them I knew! Training here closer to home will make a welcome change from LBG as we meet there each week. In future I will aim to arrive by 7:00am for a better warm-up. I had more than a few niggles this morning, I'm not getting any younger, and it's only four weeks since the the 50k, still not recovered.

    Friday, 11 May 2012

    lean not on your own understanding

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    Clarke & Dawe, from

    "someone's got something to do with cleaning products?"

    Parkrun #3 is on tomorrow, Saturday. I will be there. Remember to register first at There will be a big turn-out I imagine. Hey, there are monkey bars near the start, this could be a chance to practice our chin-ups!

    And on Sunday the Mothers Day Classic races are on. But I will be out at Stromlo Forest Park at 8:00am enjoying the soft grass.

    Next Tuesday is our group dinner so Dickson training won't be on. There are 24 booked in for the dinner; I will send a confirming email to each of them shortly.

    And what with birthday parties and many other commitments, I am in for a busy time. It is funny how each week seems unusually chaotic. I wonder if and when retirement actually allows things to wind down?

    And here is a cat.

    Thursday, 10 May 2012


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    Are we big?

    Are we clever?

    Are we competent?

    No worries ...

    Wednesday, 9 May 2012


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    Dickson training last night: A chilly evening but no breeze meant that it wasn't too bad standing around in T-shirt and shorts. Except for Alain & Jennifer who stayed for about five minutes then declared it was too cold! Ewen, Miranda & I ran 13k early, then for the main session Cathy, Colin, Craig, Mick, Neil & Susan ran 8 x 400m on 3 minutes with 100m jog. A shorter session because, it was chilly. But nothing like it is going to be. None of us are quite acclimatised yet.

    Birthdays: Several grandchildren are having birthdays this month: Alex was nine last Thursday 3rd; Amelie seven on Monday 7th; and Olivia seven today, the 9th. Happy Birthdays!

    ...and grandchildren.

    ...and a cat

    Tuesday, 8 May 2012

    pons absconditus

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    Speedygeese results for Customs 5k on Friday 4 May: Andrew 19.50, Jen 21.45, Caroline 28.27

    Where has our footbridge gone???

    The footbridge was on the course of nearly every training run I did from work over the years. Fortunately it's not part of the Ginninderra Handicap course or the new Parkrun course. But its absence means we now have to detour past the skate park in order to get around the lake. Oh joy!

    My first "race" since the 50k is planned to be Saturday's Parkrun #3. Saturday morning training has been at Acton Ferry Terminal for over a year now, but I have decided we will instead run with Parkrun which meets at the same time, 8.00am Saturdays. This will mean arriving at John Knight Park, Lake Ginninderra, Saturday mornings, doing a short warm-up, running the Parkrun 5k, and then coming for a longer training run afterwards. Some could just join us for the training run on the days they couldn't make the 5k. Parkrun is free and fun and easy to run, any time one participates one could jog it or use it as a tempo run or race it. To be part of Parkrun, you only have to register once, in advance, and print off your bar-code which you must then take to each run. Full details are at the website, I encourage everyone to join in.

    My first real race hopefully will be the Half Marathon on the 20th. I note that widespread heavy rain is forecast for that day and the rest of May as well. Let's hope that it is not too cold with it.

    Pink Jets
    (can you spot Cookie, Bronwyn?)

    Song of the Week: "Run For Your Life", by The Fray -

    *today's title is a reference to a mysterious bridge in the novel Un Lun Dun by China Miéville. My titles will always have some legitimate meaning or other, even if somewhat obscure at times.

    Monday, 7 May 2012


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    Coming events Week 19 of 2012:
    Tuesday 8 May 4:00pm *Dickson Oval long run
    Tuesday 8 May 5:30pm *Dickson Oval speedygeese training
    Wednesday 9 May 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k Woden
    Thursday 10 May 4:30pm *Parliament House early run
    Thursday 10 May 5:30pm *Parliament House speedygeese training
    Friday 11 May 12:15pm Customs 5k Commonwealth Park
    Saturday 12 May 8:00am *Parkrun 5k, John Knight Park
    Saturday 12 May 1:00pm YCRC Mill Creek 6k
    Sunday 13 May Mothers Day Fun Run
    Sunday 13 May 8:00am *Stromlo Forest Park speedygeese training
    * = I expect to attend

    Speedygeese in recent races
    Nail Can Hill 6 May
    Ewen Thompson 59:30

    High Noon Meet 6 May.
    400m Joel Pearson 57.28
    3000m Andrew Simpson 10:45.9
    3000m Joel Pearson 11:37.92

    Speedygeese at Majura




    Ah the extra benefits of running - you get to experience the crisp cold of an Autumn Canberra! And an added benefit for you who have read this far - the beginnings of "Alastor" by Percy Shelley.

    EARTH, Ocean, Air, belovèd brotherhood!
    If our great Mother has imbued my soul
    With aught of natural piety to feel
    Your love, and recompense the boon with mine;
    If dewy morn, and odorous noon, and even
    With sunset and its gorgeous ministers
    And solemn midnight's tingling silentness;
    If Autumn's hollow sighs in the sere wood
    And Winter robing with pure snow and crowns
    Of starry ice the gray grass and bare boughs;
    If Spring's voluptuous pantings when she breathes
    Her first sweet kisses,--have been dear to me;
    If no bright bird, insect, or gentle beast
    I consciously have injured, but still loved
    And cherished these my kindred; then forgive
    This boast, belovèd brethren, and withdraw
    No portion of your wonted favor now!

    Sunday, 6 May 2012

    What is health?

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    My theme for 2012 will be "What is health"? Today is the start.

    Health is more than just physical fitness.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has this as its official definition: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

    In a more recent statement the WHO said that health is "a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasising social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities."

    I find it useful to analyse what "health" is, by examining its main components, while keeping in mind that these components are inter-related to a greater or lesser extent. In future posts as I find the time and give it some thought I plan to discuss each of these areas in some detail.

    The components of health which I think are the main ones are
    • Intellectual
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Spiritual
    • Relational
    • Financial
    • Volitional
    • Vocational
    One who is a specialist in any particular area of health might think my emphasis is wrong, or that I have omitted something important. But I have tried to look at this broadly and I hope that particular specialist areas will be catered for somewhere.

    How often do we encounter someone with a good working knowledge in one area of health who seems to be blind in another area? The academic whose mind is highly developed and whose emotions are not. The spiritual guru in tune with God but who is obese and unfit physically. And so on, you all know someone whose life is unbalanced. Neglecting any one area of health can have consequences in other areas. My aim with this series is to encourage all of us to develop every area to the best of our ability.

    I am not sure when my next piece of writing on "health" will appear; it is my project for the rest of this year.

    Recent running:
    Parkrun 5k 5 May Jill Pearson
    26.28 pb
    SFP 7.5k 5 May Jeni Greenland 39.27
    SFP 5k 5 May Ewen Thompson 23.16

    I have signed up for Parkrun and hope to get out to some of them this year. To be part of Parkrun, you only have to register once, in advance, and print off your bar-code which you must then take to each run. Everything is free. Full details are at the website,

    Saturday, 5 May 2012

    “well, I’m overseas a lot…”

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    Clarke&Dawe from

    “subject to very rigorous preconception”. “Misusing cabbages”. “Been living in Maroubra, not Mars”. “your left back door is buggered, but if you keep it in third I think you'll make it home”. This is brilliant parody.

    Do you drink too much? It is only a new idea that people should drink large volumes of water when they exercise. I have always thought it crazy for example that there should be drink bottles at the end of pool lanes for people swimming laps.
    This article though could have made it clearer if/when it was talking about sports drinks or just plain water or both.

    Saturday's run at Acton was attended by Justine, Ruby (new), me, Susan, Riki, Zainab, & Andy. And Craig's car. This may well be the last time we meet at Acton Ferry Terminal: we might shift permanently to the Parkrun event. I will email the regulars and let them know.

    As a mathematics graduate I find this somewhat amusing:

    Friday, 4 May 2012

    Will you still need me, will you still feed me

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    Song of the week. From

    Training last night at Parliament House: Cathy & I ran early. Then I supervised a session of 200m sprints with longer recovery from the Rose Garden, one of our favourite interval sessions. Bronwyn did her own thing and completed 11.5 circuits (12 200s); Cookie, Susan, Neil & Caroline completed 10 circuits on 3 minutes, and Andrew, Colin, Craig, Jen, Lucia & Andy completed 12 on 2:30. Another great night for training, under a nearly full moon.

    And here is Parliament House at sunset, taken last Sunday.

    I can't believe I am 64 already.

    Thursday, 3 May 2012

    grandchildren on your knee

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    I have thirteen grandchildren. The oldest is Kayleigh, she is twelve. This is Kayleigh on WIN news (

    Kayleigh will be hitting top form about the time GWS Giants are hitting top form.

    Meanwhile Parkrun started last Saturday. Parkrun is held every Saturday morning from now on, on an accurate 5k course at Lake Ginninderra. The inaugural parkrun last Saturday attracted 91 finishers. Two speedygeese ran.

    Lucia hanging around at the start

    Lucia taking off

    Jill finishing

    No pictures of Lucia finishing, unfortunately. But she did run a good time.