Sunday, 15 April 2012

one more item has been ticked off my bucket list...

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, April 15, 2012 with 9 comments
..."run a 50k ultra". Done.
My splits: half marathon 1:40. Marathon 3:30. Final time something under 4:20. So the pacing went exactly as expected. Bad bruising of the feet caused me to slow down after 30k. Also as expected. But - no blisters, no bad toenails, no new injuries. I only lost 1 kg of weight, too, good management! But it was a perfect morning for it. And a very big field, which helps make such a long day out more tolerable. Official results - not up yet, see for full results when they do come up. I will as usual pick out the speedygeese and post their times here. Now I am hoping I can keep my running streak going - tomorrow 4k will do! If at all possible, it shall be so.


  1. Awesome effort Geoff, planned and executed to perfection. BTW fantastic times too, well done Ultra Marathon runner...

  2. What a fantastic run Geoff! You must be happy with that - congratulations! It was a magic day :-)

  3. And congratulation Michelle on breaking 90 minutes for the Half!!!!!

    1. Great run Michelle! You were flying when I saw you with 2k to go.

  4. Well done Geoff! What an amazing day turned on by Canberra just for you :-).

  5. Good stuff Geoff. Great way to celebrate your 50 years of running. Do you have a 60k ultra planned for the 60 years?

    Take it easy on the 4k jogette tomorrow. CJ said you can always have the day off.

  6. Congratulations speedy speedygeoff. You achieved your goal and are a truly amazing goose!

  7. Excellent news speedygeoff! That deserves two ticks on your bucket list....enjoy an easy 4k tomorrow.

  8. Well done SG! Fantastic results. [Miranda]