Thursday, 19 April 2012


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Coffee re-visited. I am not drinking coffee this year but have done so twice: immediately before the two long races where this was appropriate, March's Weston Creek Half Marathon, and Sunday's 50k. I suspect it helped very much that I drank it before the run, and more importantly that I had otherwise given it up.

This article says it all, supporting my approach to coffee this year. The conclusion is, "save it for when it matters most:  race day"

Any race shorter than an hour, I won't do this. Longer than an hour, and if I am serious about going flat out, I feel there are benefits.

speedygeese dinner
I have sent this email to the core group about the upcoming dinner: "Our speedygeese autumn dinner is at the Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant, 65 London Circuit (Melbourne Building) 7:00pm Tuesday 15 May. It is booked, The banquet menu is attached, cost will be $31.50 per person plus $3.00 corkage bottled wine only. This restaurant is very well regarded for the quality of its food. I will need to know numbers, so RSVP when you can, an early response would be much appreciated. And when you reply please indicate if you will be ordering off the menu instead of having the banquet".

Orroral Valley this autumn

Canberra - what a great place to live!


  1. I admire your ability to give up coffee. I enjoy it too much to go cold turkey for its erogenic properities.

    1. I find it almost impossible to stop after using it for endurance. The next few days are a real effort, and usually I just cave in and resume drinking it regularly. Although this time it took only one day of mental discipline before the craving waned. Not sure why so fast, might be because I talk about it. But then the overall recovery has been fast this time, too.

  2. I'm the opposite - I never drink coffee before running for fear it will play havoc with my stomach. Instead I really look forward to it as a reward AFTER the run:)I do however take espresso flavoured gu for very long runs - carbo loading with caffeine!

  3. Coffee should be drank before and after running, when you wake up, after you go to the toilet, when you sit down, get up and all other times when you are breathing :) (Jen)