Thursday, 1 March 2012

No longer feeling that I have both feet firmly planted on the ground

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Everything changes.

Because of the rain, tonight's Track and Field program has been cancelled. The Competition Sub-Committee will consider if any events are to re-scheduled, and will advise of this next week. There were five "series" events on the program and most are likely to be rescheduled.

The rain gauge in our backyard in Holt has recorded 109mm since the rain began on Tuesday night. Today the heaviest falls are being forecast, and the rain is supposed to continue until Sunday.

After this weekend, if it doesn't rain again all March, we will still have exceeded the March average, well and truly.

This is playing havoc with my training. If it's not on my Garmin it doesn't count. Yes I have been training indoors but that doesn't count. The planned 120k week looks like being about 80k at the most. The streak continues because I have still been running at least 4k outdoors every day. So far.

North Curtin Vets Handicap



Alan, Carol


Promotion to Webmaster
I am now officially the webmaster on the ACTVAC website. Not that I know everything about it yet... but if you email "webmaster" you will get me. And I put a banner up today, my first official act. This is after I put up many Sprint Marathon Relay photos yesterday, which I didn't need webmaster status to do. Looks like I will be busy. Busier. Stuart and one or two others are still available as backup. But one of the first things I want to do is recruit an assistant. Any takers? Don't rush me.

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