Tuesday, 6 March 2012


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Training at Parliament House last night: We did circuits on the west side oval, 20 minutes of exercises and sprints. 15 starters, perfect conditions with the grass dry and cut short. Attending were Abi, Andrew, Andy, Christopher, Colin, Craig, Ewen, me, Jen, Lincoln, Lucia, Mick, Ruth, Warrick & Yelena. The five exercise stations were crunches, squats, push-ups, lunges, and calf raises. This is a slightly modified version of something known in Canberra as "the battlecamp circuit".

Novelty events rule, OK?
Changes have been announced for this Thursday's track program. As a result of last week's washout, we now have the 3000m Pennington event on at 6:00pm in place of a straight 3000m, and a 6 lap spiral handicap at 8:05pm in place of the 3000m/5000m. We also have a 4 x 1500m relay as per program. Interesting that novelty events are given precedence over normal events. Some will like that, others will stay away. I'm on duty and hadn't planned to race anyway. Tonight's Acton 5k will do for this week.

Song of the week: Coldplay's Princess of China

"once upon a time, somebody ran,..."

Some water in evidence here.

Graeme, Kym, Alan at the Sprint Marathon Relay


  1. wannabe said bemusingly:

    Agree Geoff. Standard events should be a priority. Maybe they will introduce tunnelball and captainball which I did enjoy at our annual school sports day when I was 8 years old.

  2. I'm waiting for the egg & spoon 1.5k steeplechase and the stadium cross country (which includes running up and down the steps of the grandstand).

  3. wannabe again:

    Geoff, perhaps we both overlooked the fact that Ewen is very close to an Olympic qualifier in the 6 lap spiral.

    1. Yes, I'm only 3 seconds off, like Tamsyn Lewis in the 800. My better event is the 16-lap spiral but the slower runners keep obstructing me as I make my way back to the lane 1 finish.

  4. I disagree. I enjoy the 'novelty' of the spiral and Pennington etc, which challenge you in a different way. A 3000m every single week at 6:00pm is very monotonous!

    1. Read my words above, I am not taking "sides". Horses for courses. But as for me, if I want to test myself out from time to time, I do it in a normal event.
      The more pressing problem is the number of friends who find running, any running at all, boring. They won't be reading this of course.
      I don't find any kind of running monotonous.
      But it was still interesting to note which kind of event got precedence.