Wednesday, 29 February 2012


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Possible cancellation
"Due to the ongoing rain, there is the possibility that the Track and Field meet will be cancelled on Thursday. Members will be notified around midday on Thursday if this is the case. Please check your email/the ACTVAC website on Thursday if these weather conditions continue". I shall post something here too on Thursday afternoon.

I am atypical
Having worked for the ABS all my life, it was amusing recently to have been selected by them in a number of surveys. One of the surveys had questions about participating in sports and the use of facilities, for example, “How many exercise sessions have you participated in in the last two weeks?” Um – twenty? “How long was each session on average?” Um – 90 minutes? They were also surveying about participating in sport and the use of facilities, and about the number of hours volunteering e.g. coaching, among other things.

Nerve gas across Canberra.

A while back; photo by Welkin31. Note the inversion layer the ACT Government tried to say wasn't there.

Runners at North Curtin.

Either of the above pictures would make a nice banner for a blog or a Facebook page.

Warburton reflections

The river running into Lake Eyre. We flew up the Warburton last October. I am told it is raining heavily and flooding that part of Northern South Australia right now. The outback will be blossoming again at this rate.

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  1. Thanks. I'll check your blog. Doubt I'll be there anyway as a big work day is in prospect and my legs have been sore this week.