Saturday, 14 January 2012

14 days 200k

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, January 14, 2012 with 5 comments
I am not sure how long I can keep this up for, certainly not when I start racing again, but that's 100k for each of the first two weeks of the year. A good start towards averaging 80k per week. Helped by the mild, to say the least, weather.

Canberra is such a good place to train through summer, relative to the rest of Australia. Canberra is good for lots of things:

Synchronised window washers

Double rainbows

Kangaroos (I took this photo at the Australian Institute of Sport)

Friends to run with (Leanne at the War Memorial cafe after a run around Mt Ainslie last week)

There was a good turn-out for Leanne's last run this morning; she returns to Melbourne next week. Running were Shane, Warrick, Ann, Alison, Zainab, Leanne, Miranda, Irwin & me. Leanne's mum Gina was there too, walking, Karen went with her. Did I miss anyone? Yes, we will so miss Leanne in future weeks. Later Ewen, Andy & I completed a longer run.

p.s. threaded comments are now implemented, although I had to fiddle around with the html to get them working. You can choose to comment on a post as previously, or you can comment on an existing comment  by clicking "reply".


  1. What is the big picture item Speedgeoff ? The Canberra 50 km in April. That's 3 months away exactly. 100 kms per week with a few rest days & a mixture of training is probably the least you need to do. Something will need to be pushed aside for a while to get through the ultra in one piece & catch Strewth before she finishes the marathon.

    1. Despite any and all plans, goals, targets, I think I shall end up playing it by ear as usual. I certainly won't be trying to run a fast 50k. And maintaining current training will be challenge enough without trying to build up any further.

    2. Depends on how fast Strewth runs! Or if she can get the doc to hold her hammy together with some bailing wire.

  2. Comments are 19 hours out. That's some funny American time I can do nothing about. Comment font is blah too. Oh well, I shall see if the font gets fixed without my intervention, or if I can do something about it.

    1. comment font and appearance and usability fixed. Just the time-stamp....