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I do have some goals for 2012. First, I try to tick off at least two items on my bucket list each year. I will certainly do the following two things and may even accomplish others. 8. Complete an ultra marathon; I am planning to enter the Running Festival 50k in April, other options may present themselves. 24. Watch every Coen Brothers movie: I have them all now, "Blood Simple" thru "True Grit" and everything in between; so watch them I will. Otherwise, I have decided my distance goal based on 80k+ per week average will be 4200k having achieved 4047k this year, and my time goals will be as already floated, 90:18 for the half marathon and 20:12 in 2012 for the 5k. There is no time goal for the 50k though, finishing will be enough!
[edit: oh, I nearly forgot, I am going to see if I can get a running streak going, by jogging 4k on my "days off"]

There are quite a few new jokes floating around. I shall post many of them here next year, to keep myself entertained, and you too perhaps.

In January the "speedygeoff's school of running" blog turns 7, and I aim to continue making it as interesting and informative as always, with speedygeese training reports, running tips, photos, bad puns and obscure jokes. Anything I have to say about my progress towards this ultra-marathon attempt might be of interest too. And I do intend to write some new coaching-type articles next year as well. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Speedychief!

    I'm having a fun streaking comp with CJ. I'm up to 29 days, but she's 3 ahead. How can I catch her?

    Beware the badlands of Ultras. I've heard they're no country for old men.