Tuesday, 15 November 2011

running together

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Sunday's City2Sea results:
Speedygeese: Bronwyn Calver 1:09.06, Caroline Campbell 1:24.31
Metro Runners: Alison Chua 1:38.06, Shane Liyanage 1:38.06

Anne Young and Caroline Campbell on the start line of the City2Sea.

At Sunday's Deep Space Mountain Marathon:
Half Marathon men:
25 Bob Harlow 64 2.09.05
28 Warrick Howieson 41 2.11.31
48 male finishers

Half Marathon women:
8 Kelley Flood 51 2.15.28
9 Elle Knight 42 2.15.28
15 female finishers

Last night's training at Parliament House:  Thach (new) and I ran 7.5k early when it was still rather warm, then we were joined by Amanda, Andrew, Andy, Bronwyn, Craig, Helen, Kym, Lucia, Mick, Neil, Ruth & Yelena for a session similar to last week's except we started & finished our 900m loops at the grassy oval where there is more water than up by the south-west water fountain. We surged 200m of every 300 with a stop of a minute or two back at the starting point, four loops in all. The west side of the House in the shade with a westerly wind blowing feels decidedly cooler than out in the open, although the official temperature was still around 27 degrees.

42 years ago today Jenny and I got engaged:

Photo taken in September 1967 of Jenny with her younger siblings. Jenny & I met in February 1969 and we were engaged on 15 November the same year.

Song of the Week: "Go Now", by Tigertown

It's 2011 and music is looking up - off the chart music anyway. Tigertown are yet another new Australian group (c.f. "The Paper Kites") with a great sound. Enjoy!


  1. Looks like City2Sea might rival the City to Surf in future years. Putting that one on the 'to do' list.

  2. Love that photo of Jenny - Dave and I met in January 1969 so I've known him one month longer but we didn't get engaged until Dcember 1970 and married in August 1971!

  3. Jenny is a very sweet looking teenager. Pity I hadn't met her yet!