Tuesday, 22 November 2011

goose shoots eagle and Damian turns 45

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Happy Birthday Damian Rutledge, 45 today! A new age-group, welcome to the M45's!

Bronwyn shot her first ever eagle! We are talking golf here, and she did it yesterday on a par 4 4th before speedygeese training!

lazy me
Why not steal borrow my training writeup from Bronwyn? Last night at Parliament House...
attendees (16): Abi, Andy, Cathy M, Cherie, Cookie, Craig, Ewen (early & warm up), Helen, Lucia, Maria (early & warm up), Miranda (early & warm up), Ruth, SG [that's me], Thach, Warrick and me [that's Bronwyn]...

warm up: 2.98k (usual big lap + jog around old Parliament House)

lower grassy square...2 x 12mins with 5mins break

2 teams of 3 + 3 teams of 2...teams swapped after 5min break...
relays - teams of 3:
runner 1 - diagonal downhill sprint, tag runner 2, jog/walk short side
runner 2 - uphill sprint, tag runner 3, jog/walk short side
runner 3 - diagonal downhill sprint, tag runner 1, jog/walk short side
relays - teams of 2:
runner 1 - diagonal downhill + uphill, tag runner 2, walk short side
runner 2 - diagonal downhill + uphill, tag runner 1, walk short side

warm down: 2.10k (reverse loop of Parliament House from lower grassy square)


Thanks Bronwyn!

What I am watching: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, only the second time through. Can't wait for the Doctor Who Christmas Special with Narnia themes this year!

So no song of the week, instead, "preview of the week"

Doctor Who goes to Narnia

What do they teach you at school these days!

One daughter plus grandchildren (4) arrive tomorrow. Yay! They will have to make their own beds but. No rest for "jennygran", they arrive here before she returns home after a week with grandchildren (another 4).

Thinks: that's me in trouble when my good lady does return...

yep, not much we can do to impress them.


  1. steal, I mean borrow, anytime!

  2. Good steal. Perfect stats as usual. Looks like I missed some serious pain by ducking the main session!