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email from Maria
Hi everyone

Our US experience is over and we are currently in Madrid. Our 2 week plus stay in NY allowed us to relax at times rather than feeling the pressure to spend every waking hour seeing the sights! We became familiar with many of the boroughs of NY, did many different runs through Central park and along the Hudson river. We  cycled much of the length of Manhattan and even had to ride on the road for a short distance- not very relaxing for someone with my limited cycle skills and nerves! The cab drivers don't mind using the bus and cycle lanes so there was the odd time that I felt uncomfortably close to moving vehicles!needless to say, Peter had to help satisfy my addiction to visit the many shops here. We bought a NY City Pass and visited the many famous museums here and sites such as the Empire State building. We were in the Rockafella building ready to go up the lift when the earth tremors hit NY. We spoilt ourselves and went to 3 broadway shows and a couple of excellent Jazz shows. We initially stayed on the east side in mid town and for the last week. We moved to the upper west side. Both places were very close to Central park and Peter navigated the subway system with ease. Even I with my total lack of direction managed to negotiate the very logical street numbering system in NY. I only wish every city used such a system and I could then develop some confidence in my spatial sense!

Luckily, we flew out of NY just before the hurricane weather arrived. We were both in Madrid 30 years ago and love this city! We have some good spanish friends, Ana and Carlos, who suggested a hotel very close to an excellent public park that has a 1200m running track- every 100m is marked.There's a huge pool in the middles of the track, 2 beautiful synthetic soccer fields and a mini golf course. It's fully lit and the surface of the track is great. Peter and I joined the many other runners this morning on the track. I even attempted a couple of 1k intervals and then collapsed! It's pretty warm here and the Spanish are  very lively and with Ana and Carlos to help us we have already fitted in very well with their typical meal times – late lunch( 3ish followed by rest and then very late supper(10ish)! The metro or subway system here is really excellent- clean, fast and very efficient. Much easier to use then the one in NY.Hoards of people in the streets everywhere you go and of course shops open every day till late! We leave madrid on Tuesday and will catch a train to Barcelona and then the metro to a small coastal resort called Sitges, we'll stay there about 7 days before we make our way to Burgundy for our cycling tour through the vineyards. Julia, our elder daughter and her partner Marc will join us there. We haven't seen julia since last November so we are both delighted that they can come!  

Peter has taken some fabulous photos and I'm sure when we get back, we will look forward to catching up with all of you! Congratulations to all those who ran the City to Surf and good luck in the Canberra times run! We hope you are all well and the worst of the Canberra winter is over and that work is going as smoothly as it can!

Maria and Peter( Pedro while in Spain!!)
Coming Events week 35 of year 2011:

Mon 29 Aug4:30pmParliament House 8k jog
5:30pmParliament House speedygeese training
Tue 30 Aug12:15pmGinninderra 7k handicap
Wed 31 Aug12:15pmBBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Thu 1 Sep4:00pmDickson Oval long run
5:30pmDickson Oval speedygeese training
Fri 2 Sep12:15pmCustoms Joggers 5k handicap
Sat 3 Sep 8:00amYCRC 10 mile Black Mountain Peninsula
Sun 4 Sep 9:00am YCRC Jogalong, Weston Park
12:00AACT High Noon Meet

1. I will be running this Saturday's ten mile race at ten minute mile pace or slower, with some of the Metro runners - four so far. A couple of speedygeese said they might join in. The more the merrier!

2. This Sunday's High Noon meet is an opportunity to cheer on Kathy Southgate in a 3000m, or even join in. I plan to be there in time for her race.

3. The Canberra Times Fun Run is another week away, Sunday 11 September.

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  1. I'm jealous of Maria and Peter's holiday and I've only just got back!