Thursday, 14 July 2011

living the good life in Canberra

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Come and join us in Canberra! This brochure should attract more people to the National Capital ...

While it made 10 or 11 degrees elsewhere in the ACT yesterday, Holt stayed cold with only an 8 degree maximum, with 35k winds, and light rain (snow-like) flurries coming across from the mountains. Feels like winter! But I had a good run in the BBQ Stakes, nevertheless. Quite a few speedygeese there: I ran for the first time since January and wanted to know if I had improved much since then; the answer is yes, 26:28 is pleasing. Others to run yesterday were Gary 28.37, Helen 28.35 doing long surges, Roger 31.50. In previous runs, the best recent times for Gary & Roger are 27:00 each, Helen ran 26.52 two weeks ago and 26.17 back in April, just 2 seconds outside her long standing pb. Kerrie, Rob & Andy also were there yesterday and ran quite well but I didn't get their times.

Over in Death Valley, where it is hot hot hot, Pam Muston ran the 217km ultra in 39th place outright, 37:49:12.

And speedygeese in the World Masters Athletics, Sacramento California - 800m events: M60 Geoff Sims heat: 2:29.78, semi: 2:23.99, final: 2:24.91 for 10th place. Kathy Sims W60 heat: 2:58.97, final 2:55.92 for 8th place. More racing is to come.

Kerrie running at Stromlo

Kerrie is the organiser of the weekly BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, which attracts about 50 or more runners each week.

Andy at Mt Ainslie

Andy has only run a couple of the BBQ Stakes races and, like me, is starting back after a long break there. The hilly 6k race is good training and much harder than Friday's Customs 5k. e.g. at 3k in the Customs race you are flying back home on the flat, but in the BBQ Stakes you are only half way and have some steep little uphills still to negotiate. Very different.

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