Monday, 11 July 2011

hands down

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Coming Events week 28 of year 2011:

Mon 11 July4:30pmParliament House 8k jog
5:30pmParliament House speedygeese training
Wed 13 July 12:15pmBBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Thu 14 July 4:00pmDickson Oval long run
5:30pmDickson Oval speedygeese training
Fri 15 July 12:15pmCustoms Joggers 5k handicap
Sat 16 July 8:00amMetro Runners Acton Ferry Terminal
1:00pmYCRC Lotus Bay

I plan to run all of the above this week. On Monday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, I always run the above, taking it easy usually. At Wednesday's BBQ race I will do my best and see how my 6k time there compares with the times I ran last year. Friday I will see if I can do better than last week's 20:44 over 5k. Saturday's Lotus Bay run is a bit "technical", more of a kid's course than an adult's. Go and run it for a bit of fun. Last time I ran it I finished last; with a bit of effort I can run slower again this year, but whether I can manage to finish last again depends on who turns up. And not listed as I don't often arrange to meet people and want some flexibilty are Tuesday and Sunday runs at Stromlo this week, probably running over to Blewitts to practise this month's handicap course ready for a supreme effort on the 31st. All in all a busy week of 100k+. Continuing wind an rain could alter these plans.

"You don't have a rest day?" I hear you say.

No, I have a rest day (unscheduled) every now and then when needed. So the plan isn't set in concrete. Long training runs and low-key no-pressure races beat long hard serious races, hands down. I recover from the former well enough to train on, interrupted by a day off every week or so. But long hard races, like the 10k road race I plan to run on the 23rd July, and the Vets Half Marathon coming up too quickly now on the 21st August, take a lot more out of me and usually require a few days' recovery; easy running, massage, and more rest than usual. It's a matter of knowing my body and playing it by ear, keeping up the discipline of consistent training but knowing when a break is needed.

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