Friday, 17 June 2011

wear and tear

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Dickson training: Bronwyn, Craig, Tori, Nadine & I ran early; joined at the track by Amanda, Janene, Maria, Neil & Rod. The track session was 25 minutes of running a lap hard, with a lap recovery jog. The temperature plummeted while we were there: it was pleasant in the sun, but after sunset I was imagining it was cold as my fingers were frozen; it was no illusion, the temperature at 7:00pm was 4 degrees.

We ran in lane two: we don't use lane one because of wear and tear on the track. I think all the other users run in lane one, but that's not our responsibilty, is it?

For the next couple of weeks, a large turnout will mean relays, make sure you come along and invite others, and if numbers are still low we shall run intervals with handicapped starts instead of relays, no problem.

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What's your responsibility?

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