Saturday, 28 May 2011

for the girls part #1

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Results Customs 20/5
Bob Harlow 24:43
Caroline Campbell 28:18
Carolyne Kramar 32:37

Results Customs 27/5
Bob Harlow 21:54
Me 24:29 (jogging)
Caroline Campbell 27:20
Peter Hogan 27:32
Carolyne Kramar 34:04
Geoff Barker 35:10.

Today I ran 30.5k, the most comfortable long run yet this year. And it was the most perfect morning. I ran the first 12k with Leanne & Jeanette of Metro, then joined in with Martin Fryer & Kerrie Bremner for the last 18k. So, no problems after last Sunday's Half, in contrast to how I went after the previous Half Marathon six week earlier when it took me five full weeks to get going again..

Thursday's Clarke & Dawe, from

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  1. Not the greatest crouch start. She needs coaching.