Sunday, 22 May 2011

1 + 41 = 42

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Nice, but I really hate that journalists can't do basic arithmetic.

It's like, you run from one mile post to the next, then because you encountered two separate mile posts, you claim to have run two miles.

Adds a new meaning to the term "extra mile".

So there.

I had a good run with the Metro runners yesteday, an easy 10k. It was minus 3 degrees when we headed off! Regular runner Ann was with me, also Leanne and Alison, who hadn't rejoined us this year until now. No sign of Mary, Bon, or Andy H though! The Metro run will be a regular event from next Saturday on, we always meet at 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal, I always do a run with the Metro guys then continue on by myself up to 30k in total. So anyone/everyone is most welcome to join us, please do, and bail out when you have run far enough! I am trying to encourage everyone training for longer races to join us so that we can encourage each other and support the newbies..

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  1. The standard for 3rd outright has changed a tad over the years;)

    I'm going to use journalistic maths to claim a new 2-mile PB.