Friday, 22 April 2011


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Last night's concert, Switchfoot's first of this year's Australian tour, was brilliant. Brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant. No wonder they are my favourite band. Jon Foreman's voice, live, is excellent I am delighted to report. They performed many of their older songs as well as many tracks off their most recent release, "Hello Hurricane". They didn't play anything from their next, long-awaited and still not released, "Vice Verses". No worries, we can wait another year given that their current music is so good. The concert was at Luna Park, Sydney. I got home and back to bed at 4:00am today.

No Switchfootage from me unfortunately as I guess I didn't operate my Blackberry's Video properly. Never mind, plenty of their material is on YouTube.

AMA Track Championships, Brisbane, speedygeese in red
Maria O'Reilly gold W55
Kathy Sims bronze W55
Katie Forestier 4th W45
Emma Adams bronze W40
Ken White bronze M55

also Geoff Sims silver M60
Corrie Collins silver W70
Rad Leovic gold

Bruce Graham silver M45
Colin Heywood gold M55

Taken from!/pages/ACT-Veterans-Athletic-Club/154445671239308. More detail and more results later.


  1. So glad that Switchfoot lived up to your expectations and you had such a great time. Congratulations to those speedygeese achieving such great results in Brisbane.

  2. Switchfoot are the best.

  3. Houston, we have a problem. Your keyboard is jammed on brilliant. As are Speedygeese and ACT runners' results from Brissy.