Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sub 20, will it happen? Yes it will!

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I haven’t been near 20 minutes for over two years. But I am hoping that I, along with half a dozen of the speedygeese training group, will improve enough this year to crack the 20 minute barrier for a 5000m race.

My recent good 5k track races:
25/02/09 - 20:01 in Geelong.
Prior to that the only (recent) sub 20 minutes, all at the AIS athletic track, were
6/11/08 - 19:54.
13/03/08 - 19:32.
and 1/2/07 - 19:27.

So it hasn’t been that long, in the grand scheme of things, since I was running reasonably well: but unfortunately it hasn’t been very often. When I break 20 minutes this year, I don’t really want sub 20 to be a one-off, so I am trying to be patient by building a good fitness base as first priority.

If I do it on the road, I will make sure the distance is accurate before claiming a breakthrough! Last Tuesday's road 20:16 was on an accurate course. So we're nearly there.

Dickson Oval training
For information, speedygeese training at Dickson oval under lights officially starts immediately after Easter, on Thursday 28 April.

Tomorrow's Half Marathon:
My new Garmin Forerunner 405 is now set to signal laps at 5k intervals. All I have to do is stick to my plan of running each 5k split in 22:30. This should be relatively easy to achieve, on current form. In fact my recent 5k time projects to a half marathon in 93 minutes, but I am not going to expect a time that fast yet, and not on the Weston Creek course anyway. Stay tuned to see if I can crack 95! Much faster halves are anticipated later in the year, so there is no hurry to go as fast as possible now.

This will beep every 5k to remind me I should be running 22:30's.

For interest, also based on my recent 5k time, the projected full Marathon time is about 3:15. I looked up what the time equivalents would be, to make sure my 95 minute target for the Half was not too ambitious.

Speedygeese at Vets Track Thursday 10th

M60 Garry Maher 14.69 81.6%

M40 Damian Rutledge 2:13.39 82.7%
M55 Ken White 2:22.17 86.7
W40 Heidi Johnston 2:40.57 72.6

W50 Helen Larmour 12:40.05 78.4%
W40 Bronwyn Calver 13:07.71 67.2
M70 Tony Booth 15:17.29 67.2

M50 Roger Pilkington 21:18.27 68.8%
M40 Craig Davis 23:45.07 57.1

Happy Birthday Christopher, new M60

Chrstopher Lang will be turning 60 tomorrow.


  1. I hope you have a super great half marathon tomorrow!

  2. The rest of the queue starts behind me!

    You should have left the Garmin beeping on mile splits - that would have confused the opposition.

  3. Mile split beeping would have confused me even more!