Tuesday, 29 March 2011


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Parliament House Training last night, on a warm Canberra autumn evening, ideal for running and enjoying Canberra's lovely environment, our last session of anaerobic endurance work for the time-being (although it's not really anaerobic but the rest is short enough so that it could be if people push hard enough) saw 16 participants, Andy (off to England today so jogged instead), Brett (went hard and more or less ran out of steam halfway through), Caroline (pushed hard for most of the intervals despite racing well on Sunday), Colin (fastest again!), Craig (ran early, totally ran out of steam, but pushed as hard as anyone), Ewen (ran early and didn't attempt the intervals this time), me (ran longer early and trotted around supervising), Helen (ran every effort hard despite racing absolutely brilliantly on Sunday), Jochen (ran each interval steadily, improving after injury), Joel (ran five of the six intervals, good solid effort), Katherine (ran early only), Mick C (ran all the intervals despite racing well up in the field on Sunday), Nadine (ran early and declined intervals on the hills, ran long instead), Ruth (claims to be tapering already so avoided the hills too), Warrick (solid honest effort, pushed very hard on the intervals), and Yelena (had a shot at the intervals too, ran some very fast). Now that I have commented on each runner, it has reminded me that I must prepare an updated "form guide" soon (see the side-bar link for an old one). Writing it should be fun, it was, last time.

Customs 5k handicap, 25 March
Bob Harlow 21:25
Yili Zhu 21:45
Caroline Campbell 27:23
Carolyne Kramar 34:30
Geoff Barker 34:40

Candid Canberra #63: Flags of Nations

Who'd live anywhere else? This is a beautiful city, the capital of Australia. And as the last week of daylight saving passes, an evening picture of flags of many nations seems appropriate.


  1. Thought you were going to say 'Ewen (went on Ruth's rebel run)' - she said she's only tapering because that's what the plan said to do.

  2. I thought it was Nadine who was the rebel actually. And that you, Ruth and Andy were easily led astray.

  3. Andy and I am easily led astray. Ruth isn't - every kilometre must be run!

  4. Must be nice to live in a place with no earthquakes ;)