Friday, 25 March 2011

can do better

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Results from last night's track meeting.
3000m "Pennington" (age/gender handicap)

3 Rod Lynch M50 10:48 78.3%
6 Katie Forestier W45 11:56 77.2%
8 Kathy Sims W55 13:15 83.5%
9 Ken White M55 11:41 76.0%
11 Damian Rutledge M40 11:57 66.9%
12 Tony Booth M70 14:48 69.5%
14 finishers

Explain to me why the highest age percentages don't win the "Pennington" races? Could there be something wrong with the handicap system?

M60 Garry Maher 8.89 89.3%

M70 Tony Booth 7:07.16 68.8%

late 3000m
W40 Bronwyn Calver 12:55.92 68.2%

M60 Geoff Moore 20:22.31 78.4%
W50 Helen Larmour 20:29.70 82.6%

A combination of poor pacing after lap five, wrong shoes, and insufficient recovery after a half marathon, meant I missed by a long long way my first serioius attempt at breaking 20 minutes on the track. I would like to have another shot at it this season but I don't know if I will. Next time I think I should wear my nike lunar racers instead of my saucony kirvanas, as I had difficulty negotiating the bends for some reason, and in a 5k track race there are 25 of them. And if I am following a pacer, he/she needs to be reliable. And eleven days after a half marathon race doesn't seem to allow sufficient recovery for this 62 year old. And if I leave the attempt to next season, hopefully I will be a lot fitter and won't have to worry about pacers, shoes, or for that matter variable weather conditions. Recovery is still an issue though. Also, some track training might help!

Having said all that, 20:22 is my best time 5k track time for over two years.

I can do much better.



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  1. It was still a great time for both you and Helen and very exciting to watch. Congratulations.