Sunday, 20 February 2011

tea: strong, black, and forgotten

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, February 20, 2011 with 2 comments
Saturday training: the Metro Runners did 12k in my absence, present were Mary, Ann, Chuan and [one other whose name will come back to me soon] while Ewen, Ruth and Emma P also ran in their vicinity (briefly) before coming out to Stromlo.

Sunday Training: this morning Emma P and Kym joined me for a long run watching the 11k and 30k races: It was good to run a hilly long run for a change instead of a flat long run. I wouldn't mind racing the 30k next year, the course looked quite good, but more hill running will be needed between now and then.

Stromlo 7.5k age-gender handicap. Liz was the next runner to set off after me, she caught me at 1k (and kicked on). Fantastic run, Liz!

My awesome cheer squad. Here they are. Camera-work by Ewen.

5k completed in 22 minutes flat, on target , but both heavy clouds and pain are on the horizon.

I discovered when I got home that my morning cup of strong black tea was sitting cold on the kitchen bench. No wonder I was delirious by the end of the race. Not a mistake I shall make again!

The Stromlo Running Festival was a great success and will grow mightily in numbers in the next few years, I would imagine. Results from all their timed events will be published in due course.


  1. And not a wheelchair in sight!

  2. NO Ewen, NO FAIR, that's just between you, me, and the gatepost (a.k.a. strewth)