Monday, 14 February 2011

rest and recovery

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Something different, before I type up "what's on this week", here are my personal plans. I shall be changing my routine to accommodate some rest and recovery, and to prepare for a "big race" on Saturday morning. But I am still targetting 100k in total.

My training this week:
Monday am rest, pm 16k at Parliament House with the speedygeese
Tuesday am intense gym hour, pm rest or 8k jog
Wednesday am 8k pm 16k
Thursday 8k jog
Friday am easy gym circuit, pm 8k jog
Saturday 10:15am 7.5k race at Stromlo Running festival, total 20k
Sunday at Stromlo, 16-24k to total 100k for week.

Note: unlike some other runners who tie themselves to a predetermined program, I adapt and change my plans each week.

p.p.s. despite appearances, possibly, this IS a relatively easy week for me because I WON'T be racing Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!

What's on this week for everyone:
Monday 14 Feb 4:30pm Parliament House 8k jog.
Monday 14 Feb 5:30pm Parliament House speedygeese interval training.
Tuesday 15 Feb 6:15pm YCRC Summer Series Race #3, North Curtin 5k
Wednesday 16 Feb 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap, Woden Town Centre
Thursday 17 Feb ACTVAC. Track events:
6:00pm 2000m steeple
6:20pm 2000m walk
6:50pm 60m
7:00pm 4 x 1500m relay
7:30pm 200m
7:50pm 4 x 100m
8:05pm spiral 5 laps
Friday 18 Feb 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, Commonwealth Park
Saturday 19 Feb 8:00am Metro runners, Acton Ferry Terminal
Sunday 20 Feb 8:00am Stromlo Forest Park training

Plus, the Stromlo Running Festival is on with its program going from Friday to Sunday. See and/or!/profile.php?id=100001688469909&sk=info

Browser Comparison.
A couple of minor irritations with Chrome functionality have led me to download Firefox to see what it's like. For a start, here is a comparison of the five browsers I have installed

Raw Performance (based on 3 benchmarks):
1. Chrome
2. Opera
3. Safari
4. Firefox
5. Explorer (distant last)

Appearance/Ease of use (based on my subjective judgement):
1. Chrome & Opera & Safari & Firefox
5. Explorer (distant last)

Functionality (based on some of the little things I want the browser to do for me, which some won't)
1. Chrome
2. Explorer
3. Safari
4. Opera
Firefox - I don't know yet, I shall deliver my verdit in a few weeks time (or days if it's not too good).

p.s. one irritation with Firefox already: while I prepare this post, it "pages up" every time I "bold" something! Or it could be a blogger hiccup, we shall see.

Not sure how accurate this is though....


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