Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pro-Am this Saturday

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speedygeese at the Australian National Sprint Triathlon Championships 9 January 2011
750m swim / 20km ride / 5km run
133 Bob Harlow 1:21:03 2nd M60
140 David Baussmann 1:21:30 3rd M60
193 Geoff Barker 1:37:38 3rd M65
207 Caroline Campbell 1:49:34 2nd W65
214 finishers

Novice Race - 250m swim / 10km ride / 2.5km run
27 Charlie McCormack 41:35 1st W45
98 finishers

At Parliament House last night four of us ran early - Ewen, me, Katherine & Ruth. For the main training session we were joined by Andy, Caroline, Colleen, Emma P (new), Jochen, Joel, Kym, Mick C, Neil, Warrick, William & Yelena. A set of 12 100m hill sprints on 90 seconds was followed by a set of attrition sprints won by Joel; Andy, Jochen, Kym & Emma rounded out the final five left standing.

Always game to try and vary what we do, for Monday training I have been thinking how I used to follow a one year cycle, and a couple of years ago changed to two six month cycles. I think this could be modified to three cycles of four months each. For example, I have been starting each cycle with hill sprints, and instead of having six weeks of hill sprints in January and then again in July, there could be four weeks in each of January, May, and September. So that's the plan, folks.
featuring the Ken Lorraway Memorial Gift
Saturday 15 January 2011
2.00 pm to 8.00 pm
2.00 pm           Novice-Vets Handicap                            120m            Heats
2.20 pm           Sprint Handicap                                        70m            Heats
3.00 pm           AACT scratch races (seeded on times)     100m           Races
3.20 pm           Canberra Women’s Gift                          120m            Heats
3.40 pm           Ken Lorraway Memorial Gift                  120m            Heats
4.15 pm           AACT scratch races (seeded on times)    800m           Races

4.35 pm           Sprint Handicap                                     70m    Semis
4.50 pm           Canberra Women’s Gift                         120m           Semis
5.00 pm           Ken Lorraway Memorial Gift                 120m           Semis
5.15 pm           AACT scratch races (seeded on times)  200m           Races
5.30 pm           Open 300m Handicap                            300m            Heats

5.50 pm           AACT scratch race                                3000m          1 Race
6.10 pm           Novice – Vets Handicap                         120m             $500
6.20 pm           CANBERRA WOMENS GIFT               120m          $1,500
6.30 pm           KEN LORRAWAY MEMORIAL GIFT 120m          $3,500
6.40 pm           Open Skins – Preliminaries                        70m
6.45 pm           Open 300m Handicap                              300m          $1,000
6.55 pm           Sprint Handicap                                          70m           $500
7.05 pm           Invitation Back-Markers Handicap            100m            $500
7.15 pm           Open Skins                                        70m by 4             $500
  • Gate entry fee is $6.00 and payable in the Commonwealth Room
  • Athletes can enter scratch rates on the day – entry lists will be available in the Commonwealth Room
  • Scratch races are open to all non-professional runners over the age of 12
  • All queries to Neil Boden (Athletics ACT) on 6242 4038 (h) or e-mail at nboden@iprimus.com.au


  1. That means Joel will go from 'amazing' to 'un-bloody-believable' by September.

  2. Speedygeoff, the Centennial Park 100km in February had a limited field of 50 runners for a 50 km & a 100 km event. First in, best dressed. Many very good runners missed out and are on the wait list including Martin Fryer & Kelvin Marshall. However, the pace at the front will be with some Aussie ultra reps competing. There is a start list on the event website found off the AURA page. I tink many entered after the full field at Six Foot Track. It's all good for ultra running in Aust.