Monday, 27 September 2010

chip off the old block

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What's on this week:
Monday 27 September
: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training, which will include some anaerobic work.
Wednesday 29 September: 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap.
Thursday 30 September: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training. **note change of venue for four weeks only**.
Friday 1 October: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, "Floriade" course.
Saturday 2 October: 8:00am I join Metro Runners at Acton Ferry Terminal for a short jog.
Sunday 3 October: 9:00am ACTCCC women's 6k jogalong, Weston Park

email exchange: Jarod is my 9 year old Grandson from Flinders who plays footy for the Shellharbour Swans and is also an outstanding runner.

Jarod to me:

Hi Grandad

I just wanted to tell you about all the awards i achieved this week from AFL and school.

On Sunday it was our AFL presentation and me and Tom both achieved the BEST AND FAIREST AWARD !!!!!!! I need to keep the shield for 6 months and Tom keeps it for 6 months. We both got our name engraved on the shield. Now for the school awards.

Yesterday( Wednesday)i achieved...

1st for 800m at the school!!!!!!(a ribbon)
3rd for 800m at the MID SOUTH DISTRICT PSSA CARNIVAL!!!!!!(a ribbon)
and last of all the JUNIOR BOYS ATHLETICS CHAMPION OF THE YEAR!!!!!(a medal)

Oh yeah i forgot to tell you that my afl team won the GRAND FINAL!!!!!!!
The score was an amazing 89 to 34!

I hope you reply soon YOUR GRANDSON JAROD! Se ya soon.

Me to Jarod
Hello Jarod,
Well what a nice email. I can believe all your wonderful achievements. That is amazing. Goodness me, what else are you going to achieve this year? I hope the cabinet's Jarod shelf is big enough to hold all the bling.

(note I did not say "I can't believe...")

I thought Uncle Nathan might like to see what you did so I forwarded your email to him. I hope he shows Jackson.

Josiah will be keen to emulate your achievements. (If you don't know what "emulate" means, ask Kayleigh, but please don't try to emulate her!!!!!!!). So I forwarded the email to Auntie Mon too.

Seven exclamation marks is the best!

Love, Grandad.

Jarod to me
Hello again grandad

Thanks for sending the email to Uncle Nathan and Auntie Mon. I hope they are happy about my achievements(like you are). I don't think i will receive any more awards this year but if i do i will message you like i did yesterday(Thursday).

Bye from Jarod.

Heidi is 40

Heidi celebrating her 40th birthday, a month after Gran and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Hmm. She's so young!


  1. That is such a beautiful family photo:) Jarrod sounds extremely talented like his grandad! :)

  2. We are very proud of our grandchildren. And see how clearly and precisely and carefully Jarod expresses himself, at nine!