Friday, 6 August 2010


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Training at Dickson last night: our second-last session of 25 minutes of short hill sprints. Craig & I ran 12k+ early. Then sprinting the hills were Alan, Bronwyn, Colleen, Craig, Laurie, Maria, Troy, Warrick & Yelena. My hamstring is improving a little, but each run brings on more soreness. So no hills for me.

Quite a few of the speedygeese are saving themselves for the Sydney City to Surf this Sunday. Bronwyn has posted on her blog a list of entrants including Tim, Laurie, Bronwyn, Kelley, Mick H, Craig, CJ, Heidi (injured, not running), David B, Yili, Ewen, Warrick, Ruth, Kathy S, Jennifer, Peter H. Good luck to all entrants. I hope it is a great day.

What I am watching: "Little Miss Sunshine": won 2 Academy Awards, and shouldn’t have; slightly unpleasant, strongly derivative.

What I am also watching: Red Dwarf 2009 specials, the first of which appeared last night on ABC2. As Arnold Rimmer would say, with appropriate arm gesture, “YES!!!”. The 2009 episodes are bound to become known as "Series 9", because "Series 10" is scheduled for 2011 and there was no official Series 9.

Last weekend's wedding, My nephew Russell and his fiance Basia were married in this awesome Polish Catholic church in Sydney. When I get a round tuit I will put more of my photographs on Facebook.

Finally, I have added "share buttons" to these posts. That's what the symbols below, and at the end of every post, are.

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  1. Also Katherine, and I think Victoria could be a late entry.