Thursday, 12 August 2010


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birthday - Jennifer turns 35 (new agegroup!) this Friday

2010 Youth Olympic Games, in Singapore, on 14-26 August, will be televised on GO! These will be the first Summer Youth Olympic Games, and approximately 3,600 sportpeople will be competing, all aged between 14 and 18 years.

Canberra has the Australian Transplant Games coming up, see the website

Some recent results
BBQ Stakes 4 August
Gary Bowen
Helen Larmour 31:51
Roger Pilkington 31:52
Caroline Campbell 36:41

Customs 6 August
Bronwyn Calver
Caroline Campbell 27:09

BBQ Stakes 11 August
Gary 25:23
Kerrie 32:32
Roger 33:01
Caroline 38:10

The new calendar has been installed onto the ACTVAC website! Something I can be very pleased about. doing things the old way CAN be good, but often there are very big benefits to be gained by embracing the new.


  1. The new calendar is awesome Geoff, thanks for putting it together :-).

  2. Happy birthdays to Victoria and Jennifer!