Tuesday, 5 January 2010

twelve drummers drumming

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Monday's training exhausted me! Twenty hill sprints in the heat. Five of us ran early - Craig, Ewen, Miranda, Ruth, & me; then we were joined by Andrew, Bronwyn, Cathy, Jodie,, Kat, Leanne, Matt, Neil, Richard, Susan, Tim, Victoria, Warrick & Yelena for the hill session. Afterwards I staggered home and crashed.

Which speedygeese are on Facebook?
As interactive as this blog is, many speedygeese communicate via Facebook, which is more suitable for interaction, and great for photos etc. The list follows, with links. You may be surprised at who is there. I may have omitted any who may be concerned about privacy. I would be pleased to hear of any additions to the list.

speedygeese (present and recent) on facebook

Emily (from her Facebook page)

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  1. I'm more surprised by the number of names I don't recognise on that Facebook list.