Sunday, 10 January 2010

McTaggart's the Man

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, January 10, 2010 with 9 comments
Scott McTaggart won today's Cadbury Hobart marathon, in a new course record. Congratulations! 2:23, and I think second was 6 minutes back..

Jodie and Bronwyn ran the half; Jodie 2:26, Bronwyn 1:48.

Suze, Bronwyn, Jodie

Today I ran 18k+ around the lake with Charlie, Maria and Craig; great company. Twice we saw Victoria and Janene running together in the other direction. There is no doubt that I get fit much quicker when my long runs are on flat courses; long hilly courses are a waste of time, I cannot run nearly as far without tiring badly. 18k doesn't look like much distance I know, but this is only the start of a build-up which should extend beyond 30k in a couple of months all going well. It takes time to adapt to single long runs, that's all. The pace today was around 5:40s not counting the several drink stops essential on such a hot day. I fear 7:30am was not early enough for when the distance gets longer; I will have to make it 7:00am next time I think and see what happens after that. But there is no doubt that long runs on the flat are excellent for developing the rhythm and speed, as well as the endurance, for racing long and not-so-long distances.

Don't worry, I won't run too far too soon, I will work up to it.


  1. That sounds like a good time for Scott. What's his PB?

    Nice runs from Bronwyn and Jodie too!

  2. What is it with the name "Scott"
    that seems to make to owners so fast?

  3. What about film producing?

  4. Yes that guy has certainly Scott talent;)

    Did you go to Flinders University too SG?

  5. Yes, I went to Flinders from 1966-1968. The same years as "HG Nelson" whom I knew well from High School as well as Uni; HG like Scott graduated from Flinders Drama School and 10 years later appeared on JJJ and the rest is history. Yet another guy who was probably my best friend and lived with us for a while studied at Flinders, ended up with the SA Film commission, directed a few movies, then ended up a major player at ABC Gore Hill heading up broadcasting and stuff. So I had many media contacts back then but I morphed into IT instead and never emerged into the unreal world of media until 5 years ago blogging. Anyway you can see why I love the movie "The Boys are Back", not to mention "Shine".
    The best memories of Uni include being entertained by HG in the Flinders refectory.
    And later on a visit to Adelaide accidentally coming across Scott and the cast etc having a private celebration of the launch of "Shine" before any of us knew of the huge world wide hit it would become.
    We will hear more of "The Boys Are Back" this year I'm sure.
    p.s. I studied mathematics and philosophy at Uni. But my best subjects at High School were English and Maths. If the toss of the coin for Uni had come up English, who knows what would have happened? My whole world would be completely different, eleven grandchildren and all.

  6. Even with a 7 am start, it was too hot! I'll be having to push the long run starts back to 6-6:30 am (ick!) while this heat persists. That was Victoria's longest run in warm weather, she covered ~17 km. I added on a bit for 25 km and those last 8 km were hot, hot hot ... I find the long runs on pavement more tiring than out on the trails.

  7. 7am will suffice for me this week - I will go about 15 or 16k - but after that, yes, 6-ish or 6.30. Like running long, early starts take some getting used to!

  8. Very interesting SG,

    things could very well of been different but there are many of us , not least your grandkids that are happy the way things are.

    By the way, I'm so out of things now in Australia I don't know of those movies but love Australian Movies and will check them out.

    I also love HG and spent many happy hours listening to them on JJJ. Roy also used to do a great show, as himself, on 2BL in Sydney that I was a regular listener to as well.