Monday, 18 January 2010

bran nue dae

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Happy Birthday blog, this feels like the new year!

100% approval
One person said they liked my “December Vetrunner” article that never got published, and none disapproved,  so I am trying again for February and have resubmitted the article. How to approach training in the heat is an issue that is still relevant for some months, I feel. The original article appeared at But today is pleasantly cool, even if it only lasts one day.

Plans this week
Monday 18 January Parliament House Training 4:30pm jog an 8k, 5:30pm interval training session.
Tuesday 19 January ... we still have two weeks until the Summer Series begins. I will jog somewhere.
Wednesday 20 January 12:15pm is BBQ Stakes but I won't be able to get there this week.
Thursday 21 January normal Vets track will resume, including
...6:00pm spiral 4
...7:00pm 1500m
...7:15pm 400m
...7:40pm one hour run
I expect I will try to run a 1500m but the hour is an outside possibility.
Friday 22 January I will jog somewhere.
Saturday 23 January 8:00am is our final Pialligo training session.
Sunday 24 January 6:30am I will run 21k from the Zoo.

Just because I haven't posted a photo of Janene or Heidi for ten days...


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  1. We're always happy when you have your camera with you ;-)