Friday, 20 November 2009

what the dog saw

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"Our instinct as humans is to assume that most things are not interesting. But if you want to be a writer, you have to fight that instinct every day." – Malcolm Gladwell, author of “What The Dog Saw”.

I'll remember that if I ever run out of ideas. But for now, everything I write interests me immensely. Because it's all about people who matter to me.

On Track
Last night in the 400m Gary ran 63.56, a PB.

1500m times and very rough splits (at 400, 800, 1200, 1500):
5:12.77 Ken White 83 86 84 59
5:20.97 Katie Forestier 83 86 88 63 PB
5:31.30 Roger Pilkington 90 90 88 63
5:44.33 Amanda Walker 88 93 95 68
5:58.40 Kathy Sims 89 97 99 73
6:01.36 Ewen Thompson 94 98 99 70
6:02.64 Helen Larmour 93 100 100 69
6:06.34 Bronwyn Calver 94 102 100 70
6:32.52 Graeme Patrick 101 109 107 75 PB
7:26.36 Ruth Baussmann 116 121 121 88

In the 3000m Jodie Davis ran a PB by 17 seconds.

I'll publish all the speedygeese official times tomorrow or the next day...

The rivalry continues...
Last week I said Katie's 800m time of 2:38.38 was her Canberra best time. Actually, it's her new all-time PB. Last April in Adelaide in the AMA W40s Amanda and Katie ran 4th and 5th in times of 2:38.38 and 2:39.47 respectively, both PBs by 2 seconds, both the first time under 2:40. So now after last week, Amanda and Katie's PBs are dead level!

Maybe why I had a headache yesterday and didn't run...

No not really. A slight cold plus the high atmospheric pressure playing havoc with my sinuses was probably the reason. Although this jigsaw could be described as a "headache". It certainly took me long enough to complete.

More results:
AACT track 13 November
12:51.05 Thea 3000m
15:05.18 Yelena 3000m
56.27 Joel 400m

The BBQ Stakes Christmas Relays and BBQ are on Wednesday 9 December at 5:30pm. Cost $4.00. There won't be a lunch time BBQ Stakes run that day.

How Perth sees us


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  1. You matter to us too Geoff! Great to see those PBs, and thanks for getting Speedygeese splits.

    That jigsaw looks evil! At least your headache is over now.

    And yes, there are so many interesting things to write about - except for maybe a Port v West Coast game.